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DnD gets compleat makeover in MTG Phyrexia homebrew

A huge Dungeons and Dragons homebrew turns Magic: The Gathering’s New Phyrexia setting into 88 pages of compleat crossover goodness

DnD MTG Phyrexia homebrew - Wizards of the Coast art of Elesh Norn

RPG players can now join in with MTG’s Phyrexian fun, thanks to an expansive DnD homebrew. Redditor Letterephesus (also known as Gabe) has created a comprehensive, 88-page guide to the Magic: The Gathering plane of New Phyrexia. ‘A Planeshifted Guide to Phyrexia’ is free to download, with its creator sharing the document on Reddit on March 1.

If you’re new to MTG, New Phyrexia is one of the TCG universe’s many planes. It once went by a different name, but that was before the MTG Phyrexians moved in. Now it’s the prime site for their oily machinations. The Phyrexians want to ‘compleat’ the world, which means transforming every fleshy living thing into a mechanical monstrosity.

Gabe gives a more detailed description of the plane in his homebrew. He’s also translated key Phyrexian details into D&D mechanics, including rules for creating completed DnD races, as well as 5e feats, DnD magic items, and 5e spells tailored to the setting. The homebrew lets you play as a Myr, a species of cute robots well-loved by Magic fans. It also has a large bestiary, which turns some of the most horrifying Phyrexian creations into DnD monsters.

Front cover of 'A Planeshifted Guide to Phyrexia', a DnD MTG Phyrexia homebrew, using art by Wizards of the Coast

Some of the most infamous Phyrexians – Elesh Norn, Sheoldred, and Jin-Gitaxias – can also be spotted in the homebrew, but their stat blocks are listed as ‘coming soon’. In his original Reddit post, Gabe says “I fully intend to update this doc with the missing stat blocks, and to give some better lore blurbs for all the blocks in general”. “I’m aiming to do this sometime this summer, as I’m very busy with the number of other guides I have planned this spring. Stay tuned!”

Speaking of ‘other guides’, this isn’t the first MTG crossover homebrew Gabe has created. For example, he previously told Wargamer all about their Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty setting and New Capenna setting.

Want to create a D&D character to send into Phyrexia? You’ll need to choose the perfect DnD classes and DnD backgrounds first. Or, if you’re looking to learn more about Magic: The Gathering, the MTG 2023 release schedule is a great place to start.