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This D&D pets book has dust bunnies and bubble puppies

A Kickstarter has been launched by EN Publishing for a book of 50 D&D pets, including new rules, adventures, monsters, and magic items

dnd pets book: a book cover depicting a wolf with a bloody mouth in the snow. The book is titled 'Can We keep it? pets for your 5e game.

Does your DnD party try to make friends with every monster it meets? Are you in need of a tiny, obedient critter you can send ahead to trigger traps? On Tuesday, a Kickstarter launched for a D&D book which adds 50 different pets to Dungeons and Dragons 5e, from the mundane to the monstrous.

‘Can We Keep It? Pets for your D&D 5e game’ is a 30-page softcover 5e supplement by EN Publishing, a mish-mash of varied content themed around D&D pets, designed by five different RPG writers. It arrived on Kickstarter on April 26, with a target of $629/£500, but has already raised more than $16,000/£12,800 at time of writing.

Can We Keep It?, which was originally published in En5ider Magazine, contains rules on taming and caring for 50 different creatures, including five new monsters from the elemental D&D planes – such whimsical creatures as dust bunnies, bubble puppies, and lightning sparrows. The book also promises a number of one-page adventures, a table designed to make random encounters more engaging, and some new D&D 5e magic items.

EN Publishing describes the campaign as a ‘quickstarter’, which apparently means the crowdfunder will only run for two weeks. Backers will receive their copies in May, and a PDF version will be delivered “as soon as the Kickstarter ends”.

Dnd pets book kickstarter: A collection of D&D 5e supplement books.

This is the 15th ‘quickstarter’ EN Publishing has run so far, with the other 14 all taking place in 2021, each one a campaign for a different original D&D supplement. The Can We Keep It? Kickstarter has no stretch goals, but fans can choose to pledge $95/£75 for PDF copies of the whole collection, which includes titles such as Here There Be Dragons and Presents for Goblins.

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