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Pride flag creator designs fabulous DnD dice for charity

Progress Pride flag creator Daniel Quasar has worked with Wizards of the Coast on this set of charity dice to raise money for The Trevor Project.

DnD die with pride flag inside

Progress Pride flag designer Daniel Quasar has collaborated with Wizards of the Coast on a set of DnD dice for charity this Pride month. The seven-piece dice set costs $34/ £34, and $30 of each purchase will go to the Trevor Project, a suicide prevention charity for LBGT people.

The Progress Pride DnD dice set is up for sale now on the Sirius Dice website. Each die features a representation of the Progress Pride flag in its center, and each die has a different color – one for each hue of the rainbow.

Fans of all genders, orientations, and DnD classes can enjoy this limited edition set, but only 1,500 copies will be made in total. Assuming they all sell out, that means the total amount donated to the Trevor Project will be $45,000.

Pride DnD dice set

The Progress Pride flag adds a chevron to the original Pride rainbow flag, with colors representing trans people and queer people of color – the idea being to champion sections of the Pride community where progress still needs to be made. It was designed by Daniel Quasar in 2018, and has since fallen into popular use.

Wizards has raised money for the Trevor Project, a crisis prevention organization for young LGBTQ people, many times in the past, through both Magic: The Gathering and Dungeons and Dragons. Previous work ranges from Pride DnD dice holders, to a MTG Secret Lair celebrating Pride.

You don’t need to be a DnD player to pick up this resin dice set. Most tabletop RPGs use the same dice, so unless your main game is something like DCC, you can still give these bones a hurl.

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