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Get $300+ of DnD maps and tools for less than a take-out

This Humble Bundle deal offers an incredible 450 DnD maps, as well as map-making software, for just $30 - plus cheaper deals on tilesets.

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Humble Bundle has a great deal on DnD maps and map-makers right now. This newest bundle, which seems like it’s worth a look for any tabletop roleplaying fan, has a whopping $360 of value, all in all, and it’s going for just $30. Can’t really complain about 90% off.

So what’s in this new RPG Humble Bundle? Basically a ton of DnD maps, and the software to make more of your own. This ‘Cartographer’s Vault’ bundle offers Campaign Cartographer 3, a piece of high-end map-making kit normally priced at $44.95, plus a 20% discount on purchases from its publisher ProFantasy’s store. Then on top of that there are over 450 maps of cities, docks, dungeons, lairs, and more. There’s even some sci-fi stuff!

Whether you use a virtual tabletop like Roll20 or are looking to map out your next fantasy DnD setting, this looks like an interesting deal. It’s only available for the next 13 days, ending on Monday, December 4, so don’t wait too long.

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Of course, Humble Bundle likes to break its deals up, providing smaller offers for those not prepared to buy the whole shebang. In this case, it’s quite a strange split. The full deal is $30, but for $25 you get most of the maps, but miss out on the map-making program. Perhaps if you prefer that part of your prep done for you, it might be the right call, but it seems to us you’re missing out on a lot of value.

If you really don’t want to spend any money, then the last offer is a virtual freebie. For just $1 you get five full location maps – each one centered on a different multi-storey or multi-part structure, from a mad DnD Wizard’s laboratory to a Motte and Bailey castle.

As always with Humble, you get to choose how you want your money to be split between the Humble storefront, the publishers, and a charity. In this case, that’s Charity:Water, a non-profit that seeks to provide clean drinking water for those without.

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