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Massive DnD map bundle is a must buy for Roll20 fans

Humble Bundle is teaming up with Roll20 to provide a 95% saving on a massive RPG bundle full of DnD maps, adventures, and RPG rulebooks.

DnD Roll20 - A bunch of ROll20 DnD maps

Roll20 has a major deal right now for virtual tabletop fans. For $30 you can kit out your Roll20 account with $668 worth of content, thanks to a brand new deal available from Humble Bundle. The bundle features 25 different products, including loads of RPG books, and enough DnD maps to fill an Atlas.

As well as the DnD map packs, the Roll20 bundle has content from plenty of RPG core rulebooks and adventures. These include Pathfinder, Starfinder, Tales from the Loop, the Fallout RPG, Fate, and more.

But there’s plenty available for those who only care about the content compatible with Dungeons and Dragons 5e as well. For starters there are eight map packs with around 210 DnD maps ranging from towns, to docks, to forests, to sci-fi settings. And that’s not even counting all the maps and assets found in the other games’ books.

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There’s also some great Kobold Press content, all compatible with DnD 5e. The publisher’s Tome of Beasts has over 400 DnD monsters, while Deep Magic has over 600 original 5e spells and 12 new DnD schools of magic. You could be a Dnd Wizard that uses ‘Time Magic’ or a 5e Dwarf with ‘Ring Magic’.

There’s more (of course), like a set of templates for every published DnD spell; animated tarot cards; and a one month subscription to Roll 20 plus, which unlocks lots of extra functionality for the virtual tabletop.

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It’s a 95% saving if you get the whole lot, but – as is always the case with Humble Bundle, you can also pay a lower fee to get a smaller bunch of goodies. You can pay $20, $10, or $5 to get just a portion of the bundle.

Humble Bundle lets you decide how much of your money will go to the storefront, the creators, and a selected charity. You can dedicate a portion of your pledge to the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, a fundraising organization and charity that supports children’s healthcare.

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The deal is available for the next week, ending on November 17, 2023.

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