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One DnD lets Wizards modify and create their own spells

Wizards of the Coast’s latest One D&D playtest includes a wide range of new Wizard class abilities, including the ability to create your own TTRPG spells.

DnD Wizard creates spells - Wizards of the Coast art of a young wizard woman casting magic

The latest One D&D playtest from Wizards of the Coast introduces rules that let DnD Wizards modify and create their own 5e spells. Released on April 26, the Unearthed Arcana document introduces four new Wizard-only spells: Scribe Spell, Memorise Spell, Modify Spell, and Create Spell. When used together, some of these allow a Wizard to create their own versions of Wizard spells 5e and record them in their spellbook.

Let’s break down exactly how the Wizard’s new abilities work. Your Wizard gains Scribe Spell at level one, which allows them to record an Arcane spell in their spellbook, making it one of their known spells.

Modify Spell is a fourth-level spell that can do one of the following:

  • Remove one of the spell’s components
  • Stop damage breaking the spell’s concentration
  • Change the spell’s damage type
  • Increase the spell’s range
  • Give the spell the Ritual tag
  • Tweaks the target of the spell

DnD Wizard creates spells - Wizards of the Coast art of an elf casting spells from a spellbook

This effect is only temporary, though – unless your Wizard casts the fifth-level spell, Create Spell. This allows you to turn the spell you altered with Modify Spell into a permanent, reusable spell that you can write in your spellbook using Scribe Spell. It then becomes a known spell you can use again and again.

Memorise Spell, the third-level spell in this list, is a useful yet separate ability that lets you swap out prepared spells from your spellbook. As if there weren’t enough spellbook shenanigans going on, the playtest material now lets Wizards use their spellbook as an Arcane Focus.

Spellbooks aside, the Wizard class also has new features in the form of Academic (level two) and Epic Boon (level 20). Other existing class features, such as Spell Mastery and Signature Spells, have had their levels tweaked to adjust for all the new wizarding content.

Other DnD classes also saw some updates in the 50-page playtest. This includes the DnD Barbarian, the DnD Fighter, the DnD Warlock, and the DnD Sorcerer. DnD weapons also saw some changes, and new 5e spells and tweaked 5e feats also feature. You can find out more by checking out the full playtest document.