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Pacific Rim D&D is now possible in this 5E adventure

D20 Modern inspired RPG Everyday Heroes uses 5E to cast you in Kaiju-fighting action movie Pacific Rim – as well as Rambo and The Crow

DnD Pacific Rim Book - blonde twins in black armour illustration, and Pacific Rim book

There are plenty of D&D monsters as big as a Kaiju – and while you may have taken on plenty of D&D dragons in your time, you’ve probably never been up against anything quite like Godzilla or Mothra. One tabletop RPG publisher is giving you the chance to jump in a mech suit and take on some giant beasties, however – by creating a D&D version of Pacific Rim. ‘Pacific Rim’ is one of eight Cinematic Adventures created to supplement the Everyday Heroes RPG from Evil Genius Productions.

Everyday Heroes is a modern-day roleplaying game launching on Kickstarter on May 17. It’s based on d20 Modern, the 2002 TTRPG that brought D&D to a modern, real-world setting. As well as this classic inspiration, Everyday Heroes uses the open-source version of D&D 5E rules. The Cinematic Adventure books will work similarly to different DnD settings, taking players to different, movie-specific universes for their games.

The Pacific Rim Cinematic Adventure brings several new mechanics to the base game of Everyday Heroes. You can play as a new class known as the Twins, take Jaeger Pilot as your new profession, and even operate a Jaeger Mech – as Pacific Rim’s iconic robots will have their own in-game vehicle rules.

According to an Evil Genius press release on Tuesday, the entire season will be available for $130 / £103.81. This is a discounted price compared with the $20 / £15.97 each adventure will cost individually – which would add up to $160 / £127.97 in total. The Everyday Heroes Kickstarter will also offer a core rulebook, a Military Heroes expansion, and two sourcebooks focused on the game’s weapons and vehicles.

DnD Pacific Rim Book

Based on Evil Genius’ website, we already know that the core book includes six base classes, over 50 professions and backgrounds, and more than 100 feats. The latest press release also confirms that each adventure will be around 100 pages long, and a series of ‘World Books’ will be released at a later date to “support extended storytelling” in specific movie universes. Pacific Rim is named as one of the adventures to get a World Book, but it’s not confirmed when.

Plenty of RPG veterans were part of Everyday Heroes’ production. This includes d20 Modern co-creators Jeff Grubb and Rich Redman – the former of which also authored the original D&D Spelljammer.

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