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Want to design or paint Warhammer for Games Workshop? Here’s how

Games Workshop is running unpaid trainee schemes for miniature sculpting and the 'Eavy Metal painting team - closing November 14

Games Workshop jobs talent programmes - Games Workshop corporate photo of an 'Eavy Metal painter painting a miniature

Games Workshop may not be hiring any more paid Warhammer 40k or Age of Sigmar miniature sculptors or painters right now – but it is preparing to run unpaid ‘Talent Programme’ trainee schemes for both its Miniatures Design and ‘Eavy Metal model painting teams, according to ads on GW’s official jobs website. Both programmes close for applications on Sunday, November 14.

GW pitches the Talent Programmes as being selective, and says they’re intended to “allow you to find out if this is the right career for [you]”. Both involve completing a series of practical assignments for GW to assess, before being provided “written, objective, professional feedback” from the respective team at GW HQ. Not unusually for such traineeships, there seems to be no formal link between this scheme and any paid or permanent positions – and no mention of any remuneration for the work involved.

The ‘Eavy Metal Painter Talent Programme (based in the Midlands region of England) says it wants someone “passionate about painting to the highest possible standard”, while the Trainee Citadel Miniatures Designer Talent Programme (at GW’s Nottingham HQ) is seeking miniatures sculptors and/or 3D artists who “want a career in a professional design and manufacturing studio, sharing your day with like-minded people from diverse backgrounds and disciplines”.

These trainee schemes come after a recent round of new hires for GW, connected to its Warhammer Plus subscription service – including a Warhammer 40k and Age of Sigmar TV presenter, and an ‘IP’ reviewer position, tasked with checking the lore accuracy of Warhammer Plus animations and other shows.

Games Workshop jobs talent programmes - Games Workshop corporate photo of a metal Aquila sign on the wall at GW's Nottingham HQ building

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