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Hero Forge update adds top surgery scars and stretch marks

The 3D DnD miniature creator has added many new surgical scars for you to customise your character, bringing their "stories of survival" to life.

Hero Forge update adds top surgery scars and stretch marks - a transmale Spartan warrior created in Hero Forge in the Hero Forge interface, with stretch marks on the hips and top surgery scars

A Hero Forge update added to the 3D DnD character creator software on June 8 lets users add surgical scars and stretch marks to their characters. Users can now add decals to their Hero Forge DnD models to display the lasting signs of growth-spurts, pregnancy, top surgery, liver transplants, mastectomy, tracheotomy, and many other medical procedures.

We have a guide to using Hero Forge to create your own DnD miniatures that will talk you through all the steps needed to create a character. The new scars are added as decals when you digitally paint your miniature: they will appear on your character in the 3D renderer, or if you pay for Hero Forge to print and paint your character before shipping it to you, but not if you download it as an STL file for use on a home 3D printer.

Hero Forge update adds top surgery scars and stretch marks - three Hero Forge heroes, demonstrating a variety of surgical scars

The update from Hero Forge describes why you might want to add a scar to your model: “Whether the result of a medical procedure, growing up, or choices to become who you were meant to be, scars act as a reminder of past challenges that have been overcome”. Perfect to reflect your choice of DnD Background 5e, or the many trials and changes that come from life as an adventurer.

As contributor Alice Willmott says in her excellent article on why DnD will always be an LGBTQ haven, some people play DnD to be someone else, and some people play DnD to be who they really are. As Hero Forge says, “scars are stories of survival”: this update gives people the chance to tell a wider range of stories with their models.

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