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New Lego Barad-dûr set is big enough to squash a hobbit

The newly revealed Lego Lord of the Rings monolith will let the Eye of Sauron glare out across your home, scaring children and dogs.

Lego Barad-Dur Eye of Sauron

Lego has revealed a colossal new Lego Barad-dûr set, home base of the dark lord Sauron from the Lord of the Rings. This monstrous monolith has 5471 pieces – approximately 30 pounds of plastic – and is packed with details from the New Line Cinema movie trilogy.

This looks like one of the best Lego Lord of the Rings sets we’ve ever seen. Last year’s Rivendell set was a stunner, but what Barad-dûr lacks in elven sophistication, it makes up for in sheer scale. Not only is the basic kit 32.5 inches (83cm) tall, but it’s modular and stackable, letting you build it as tall as you want. If you’ve got the funds (and an army of Orcs to do the gruntwork), this could be one of the biggest Lego sets ever.

Lego Barad Dur set - a great black fortress topped with a giant red eye

The kit will release on June 4, with Lego Insiders getting early access on June 1, and will cost $459.99 (£399.99).

You can watch a walkthrough of the kit given by its designer in the video by YouTube channel Bricksie, below:

YouTube Thumbnail

The Eye of Sauron that sits on tippy top of this monstrous construction can rotate to direct its baleful glare (light brick) in search of the One Ring. The inside of the kit is packed with secrets and hidden references, like a flaming Palantir, a map secreted within the throne room, and the torture chamber that Gollum wound up in before the start of The Fellowship of the Ring.

Lego Barad Dur rear view - the rooms inside the Lego Barad Dur tower

The set contains ten minifigures, with Sam, Frodo, Gollum, the big baddie Sauron himself, his public speaking coach The Mouth of Sauron, and a bevvy of scarred, snarling Orcs.

We’re not sure whether this should go onto our guide to the best Lego castle sets or not – is a tower of jagged obsidian technically a castle if it doesn’t have a curtain wall and a bailey? It might overshadow all the sparkly Disney Lego sets that are so well represented on that list.

Either way, we’re sold on this set. At least, figuratively speaking we’re sold on it – it is very pricey. If that’s not an obstacle for you, why not check out our guide to the most expensive Lego sets to satisfy your opulent tastes?