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The best Lego Castle sets

With classic designs, modern masterpieces, and more than a little Disney magic, these Lego Castle sets will delight builders young and old.

The best Lego castles - the Lego Lion Knight's castle, a grey castle with a keep, portcullis, banners, and a knight standing in the gateway

Ever since the original Lego medieval theme was released in the 1970s, Lego Castle sets have been the highlight of many builders’ collections. This guide runs down the best Lego Castle sets currently available – and a few older castles that were too good to leave off the list.

Lego castles are among the biggest Lego sets and most expensive Lego sets. That doesn’t stop them being some of the best Lego sets, in our humble opinion, as they always represent a creative building challenge that then makes a wonderful playset for kids or a beautiful sculpture to decorate your home.

Here’s our pick of the best Lego Castle sets:

Lego Disney Castle

The most impressive Disney Lego set

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Lego Disney Castle specifications:
Age 18+
Pieces 4837
Item code 43222
Minifigures 8
Build time 16 hours
Reasons to buy
  • Spectacular recreation of the iconic palace
  • Amazing interior scenes
  • Fantastic build challenge
Reasons to avoid
  • Technically not a toy, but every kid will love to play with it

The Lego Disney Castle combines the distinctive profile of the Cinderella Castle found in Disneyworld and on the title screen of Disney animations with ideas from many iconic Disney princess stories.

Behind the castle façade are beautiful little rooms, from Beauty’s ball room to Rapunzel’s tower, filled with tiny nods to other Disney stories ranging from the Beast’s rose to Aladdin’s lamp.

The Ice Castle

The best Lego Frozen castle

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The Ice Castle specifications:
Age 14+
Pieces 1709
Item code 43197
Mini-dolls 5
Build time 5-6 hours
Reasons to buy
  • With chunky mini-dolls, has fantastic play value
  • Great recreation of Elsa’s ice palace
Reasons to avoid
  • Retired – you’ll need to find it via a second-hand retailer
  • More of a play set than a display model

The Ice Castle is designed as a toy first, display piece second, a stage for the cast of Frozen to play on. But this set doesn’t scrimp on the challenge for builders, with hours of construction fun before the palace is fully built.

The final result is also remarkably attractive, with a restrained white and transparent blue color scheme: this is a toy set that won’t look out of place alongside collector’s builds and adult sets.

Lego Hogwarts Castle

The ultimate Harry Potter Lego set

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Lego Hogwarts Castle specifications:
Age 16+
Pieces 6020
Item code 71043
Minifigures 4
Build time 20 hours
Reasons to buy
  • A faithful recreation of the set of the Harry Potter films
  • Detailed interiors recreate famous locations from the story
Reasons to avoid
  • Not in Minifig scale, so it’s less immediately useful as a toy set

While there are more detailed Harry Potter Lego sets, Lego Hogwarts Castle is the whole package – the entirety of Hogwarts Castle, and even some parts of its grounds, recreated in a single set. To accomplish this remarkable feat without deforming the layout of the castle or using tens of thousands of bricks, the castle is in a much smaller scale, with teensy-weensy one-peg microfigures.

A remarkable number of scenes from the Harry Potter series have been recreated in miniscule detail, including the Chamber of Secrets and the Mirror of Erised.

Cinderella and Prince Charming’s Castle

The best Lego Cinderella Castle

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Cinderella and Prince Charming’s Castle specifications:
Age 5+
Pieces 365
Item code 43206
Mini-dolls 3
Build time 1 hour
Reasons to buy
  • Chunky mini-dolls give this great play value
  • Affordable all-in-one playset
Reasons to avoid
  • Definitely one for kids, not adult builders

Cinderella and Prince Charming’s Castle is a children’s set through and through, with a simple build and grabbable mini-dolls. This is a perfect Lego doll-house for young Disney princesses, capturing the outline of the Cinderella castle without making things complicated or fiddly.

Lego Lion Knights Castle

A love letter to some of the best Lego sets of all time

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Lego Lion Knights Castle specifications:
Age 18+
Pieces 4514
Item code 10305
Minifigures 22
Build time 22 hours
Reasons to buy
  • A perfect tribute to the original Lego castle sets
  • Folds open to reveal a detailed interior
  • A whole cast of medieval minifigs
Reasons to avoid
  • May provoke devastating nostalgia
  • Technically an adult set, but kids will love to play with it

The Lego Lion Knights Castle is a massive, detailed, beautiful castle that builds on and exceeds decades of medieval Lego theme kits. Packed with detail and an entire cast of minifigures, this kit actually has all the details you could only dream of before. A treat for skilled builders, and an amazing toy to share with your family.