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Best Lego Icons sets 2024

From classic cards to detailed buildings to beautiful flowers, the best Lego Icons sets offer impressive builds for all kinds of Lego fan.

Wildflower Bouquet, one of the best Lego Icons sets

What are the best Lego Icons sets? With such an expansive range, it’s a tough call. From iconic landmarks and modular marvels to vintage vehicles and pop culture treasures, this range has many captivating builds. A Lego Icons set is a gift that keeps on giving, one Lego block at a time.

So, let’s dive in and explore the best of Lego Icons. This range offers many of the best Lego sets for adults, so expect a certain level of challenge and complexity. Our recommended sets also include some of the biggest Lego sets of all time – which does also mean the more expensive Lego sets. But fear not, simple and cheap Lego sets can be found alongside the enormous and complex.

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Lego Jazz Club

The most impressive Lego Icons set.

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Lego Jazz Club specifications:
ID 10312
Pieces 2,899
Minifigures 8
Age 18+
Reasons to buy
  • Looks impressive
  • Comes with eight Minifigures
Reasons to avoid
  • Looks better with others from the modular buildings range
  • Expensive

“Come on babe, why don’t we paint the town? And all that jazz!” Well, we can certainly paint the Lego town red with the Lego Jazz Club. This set is part of the modular building’s collection, meaning that you can easily slot the club into your other modular builds. Or if you don’t fancy displaying this set alongside a friend, it still looks splendid as a standalone piece.

This set encourages mindfulness and creativity and is very much an adult-oriented building set. Construction involves innovative techniques, including a stylish 45-degree doorway. The club features many detailed sections including a pizzeria, a tailor’s workshop, a rooftop garden, and the jazz band’s dressing room.

The set comes with eight Minifigures, including a jazz singer, bassist, and drummer. Brimming with detail, the jazz club also comes with a mini microphone, saxophone, and LP record. It measures over 30 cm, 25 cm wide and 26 cm deep – a very reasonable size.

Lego Wildflower Bouquet

This is the most colorful Lego Icons set.

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Lego Wildflower Bouquet specifications:
ID 10313
Pieces 939
Minifigures 0
Age 18+
Reasons to buy
  • Will brighten up your living space
  • Relaxing build
  • Plastic flowers don’t die
Reasons to avoid
  • Doesn’t come with a vase

The Lego Wildflower Bouquet shows just how well Lego translates naturally beautiful flowers into plastic. For many, arranging a Lego flower set is just as rewarding as displaying the real thing. And unlike their organic counterparts, you never have to water them.

Priced at $59.99 (£54.99), this set is a fantastic investment. The Wildflowers Bouquet showcases a vibrant bouquet featuring 16 individual stems. Some pieces are crafted from plant-based plastic derived from sustainably sourced sugarcane.

From rich blue cornflowers to bright pink and yellow gerbera daisies, this set is packed with detail. You’ll even recognise some Lego elements. For instance, pirate hats are used to create the lupin petals and ores for the gerberas.

Despite its intricate detail, the build is relaxing rather than overly complex. The concept is fun, making it a splendid gift idea. Picture this: grab a vase, fill it with small blue tiles, and voilà—the look is complete!

Lego Eiffel Tower

The tallest Lego Icons set.

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Lego Eiffel Tower specifications:
ID 10307
Pieces 10,001
Minifigures 0
Age 18+
Reasons to buy
  • Looks very impressive
  • Extremely detailed
Reasons to avoid
  • Super expensive
  • Needs a lot of space to display

When the conversation turns to France, it’s almost a guarantee that the Eiffel Tower takes center stage. It’s no wonder, then, that Lego pays tribute to this icon with a dedicated Lego Eiffel Tower set. Engineered by Gustave Eiffel, the Eiffel Tower soars to a height of 330 meters, and the actual tower took 22 months to complete. Thankfully, its Lego counterpart takes a lot less time to construct.

The Eiffel Tower comes together in four sections. Because of this, you can break it down if you ever decide to change its placement. Like the actual tower, it has three observation platforms, lifts doing the cabling dance, a broadcast tower, and Gustave Eiffel’s executive suite up there in the clouds. Helpfully, it’s also built as sturdy as the real deal.

The Lego Eiffel Tower isn’t just a pile of bricks; it’s a 10,001-piece behemoth, standing tall at 149 cm, 57 cm wide, and 57 cm deep— a towering titan of tiny plastic blocks. Sure, the $629.99 (£554.99) price tag might raise an eyebrow, but hey, it’s the head honcho of the Lego Travel and History series. It’s not just a Lego set; it’s an architectural marvel!

Lego Chevrolet Camaro Z28

The most customizable Lego Icons set.

Today’s best deals
Lego Chevrolet Camaro Z28 specifications:
ID 10304
Pieces 1,456
Minifigures 0
Age 18+
Reasons to buy
  • Costs less than a real Chevrolet Camaro Z28
  • Very detailed
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Functional
Reasons to avoid
  • Hard to find

It’s fitting that the Chevrolet Camaro Z28 is a part of the Lego Icons range – this car is an iconic classic. Renowned for its high-performance capabilities and distinctive design, Z28s hold a special place in the realm of car collecting. For enthusiasts who can’t own the real deal, fear not – Lego has us covered.

The Lego Chevrolet Camaro Z28 set impeccably mirrors its real-life counterpart, sporting a sleek black exterior with striking silver alloys. You can tailor your model to your liking. Choose between a roof or convertible, classic or hideaway front headlights and a range of racing-stripe colors. You can even choose between two number plate options.

The set boasts a detailed V8 engine, functional steering, and doors that open, along with an accessible bonnet and boot. To add a touch of nostalgia, it comes with retro car collectibles – furry dice and a printed tile featuring a car magazine. Indulge in the spirit of this classic car without breaking the bank. This set will only set you back $169.99 (£149.99).

Lego Optimus Prime

The most nostalgic Lego Icons set.

Today’s best deals
Lego Optimus Prime specifications:
ID 10302
Pieces 1,508
Minifigures 0
Age 18+
Reasons to buy
  • Very nostalgic
  • Aesthetically pleasing
Reasons to avoid
  • Moderately expensive

Alright, gather for the epic tale of Transformers, where Optimus Prime and his Autobot crew are duking it out with Megatron’s Decepticons, the ‘bad guys.’ These giant robots decide to play hide-and-seek disguised as cars, trucks, and who knows what else. For many of us, Transformers hold a special place in our hearts as we grew up watching the cartoon and playing with the figures. And now, you can even own a Lego Optimus Prime.

Whether in truck or robot mode, this set has got you covered. It contains a plethora of accessories including an Iron blaster, an Energon axe and a jetpack. But wait, there’s more! Crack open his chest chamber, and behold, the Autobot Matrix of Leadership. Size-wise, we’re talking 15 cm in truck mode and a towering 35 cm in robot mode.

This set isn’t just a collaboration; it’s a love affair between Hasbro and Lego, channeling the OG vibes of Optimus Prime’s first-gen toy design. With 19 points of articulation, this metallic maestro is your poseable masterpiece. Sure, it has a price tag of around ($179.99) £159.00, but it has a mighty piece count of 1,508 pieces and promises a challenging build. The nostalgia practically emanates from this Lego gem.

Lego Bouquet of Roses

The best Lego Icons set for couples.

Today’s best deals
Lego Bouquet of Roses specifications:
ID 10328
Pieces 822
Minifigures 0
Age 18+
Reasons to buy
  • Beautiful display item
  • Can build together
Reasons to avoid
  • Not much variation within the set

Roses are red, violets are blue. But who needs violets when a fabulous Lego Bouquet of Roses exists? This set is perfect to gift on Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or just to yourself because it’s the weekend. Remember, Lego flowers do not decay!

This set features a dozen red roses. It showcases roses at different growth stages, featuring four roses in full bloom, four blossoming, and four in bud. To complete the display it comes with four sprigs of baby’s breath with small white flowers. The tallest measures 31 cm long, but the stems vary in length to create a layered look.

A fun feature of this set is that you can build solo or with company. The set is separated into six brick bags and separate instructions so you can build together. For an even grander display, why not double up this set, or combine it with another? The Wildflower set would look fabulous with the Roses, no?

Bouquet of Roses, one of the best Lego Icons sets

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