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The best Lego Marvel sets to buy in 2024

Here’s your one-stop guide to Lego Marvel, including the top Spider-Man Lego sets for superhero fans of all ages, and Marvel kits for master builders.

Lego Marvel sets - spiderman minifigure

Lego Marvel sets just make sense – the vibrant action, colorful characters, and sci-fi gadgets from the classic comics and the Marvel Cinematic Universe look absolutely amazing when transformed into shiny Lego bricks. With a series this popular among kids and grown-ups alike, it’s no wonder that there are so many Lego Marvel kits, perfect for all ages.

Whichever part of the Marvel universe appeals to you, there’s sure to be a Lego Marvel super hero kit that’s just perfect for you. We’ve picked the best Lego sets from the Marvel range – not to mention the biggest Lego sets and the most expensive Lego sets – for you to consider.

These are the best Lego Marvel sets you can buy in 2024:

  1. Lego Daily Bugle – the ultimate Lego Spiderman set
  2. Lego Team Spidey’s Mobile Headquarters – the best Lego Spiderman set for young builders
  3. Lego Hulkbuster Armor – the most expensive Lego Marvel set
  4. Lego Avengers Tower – the biggest Lego Marvel set
  5. Lego Sanctum Sanctorum – the best Lego Marvel modular building
  6. Lego Infinity Gauntlet – the best Lego Marvel set for adults
  7. Lego Guardians of the Galaxy Headquarters – I am Lego Groot!

1. Lego Daily Bugle

The ultimate Lego Spider-Man set

ID number 76178
Number of pieces  3772
Recommended age  18+
Minifigures  25

The Lego Daily Bugle is absolutely massive, almost a yard tall and absolutely crammed with detail on each of its four storeys. The kit comes with just about every Spider-Man villain and ally, from Doc Oc to Spider Gwen. But our favorite part has to be the snarling Lego J Jonah Jameson!

Marvel Lego sets - Lego Team Spidey Mobile Headquarters, a collection of colorful Lego vehicles with Spiderman minifigures

2. Lego Team Spidey Mobile Headquarters

The best Lego Spiderman set for young builders

ID number  10791
Number of pieces 187
Recommended age 4+
Minifigures  5

Part of Lego’s Starter Brick range for young builders and their adults, the Lego Team Spidey Web Spinner Headquarters has massive toy factor. The centerpiece is a chunky, easy-to make Spider-Man command vehicle, which can fit the two smaller vehicles included into its hold. There’s a full crew of hero and villain minifigures too!

Marvel Lego Sets - the Lego Hulkbuster Armor, an imposing gold and red set of robot armor

3. Lego Hulkbuster Armor

The most expensive Lego Marvel set

ID number 76210
Number of pieces  4049
Recommended age 18+
Minifigures  0

The Lego Hulkbuster Armor is a seriously imposing kit for a seriously imposing piece of Stark technology. This massive kit turns into a 21” tall, fully articulated model of the ultimate Iron Man suit, just right to pummel Bruce Banner into submission the next time he gets rowdy.

YouTube Thumbnail

4. Lego Avengers Tower

The biggest Lego Marvel set

ID number  76269
Number of pieces  5201
Recommended age  18+
Minifigures  31

The Lego Avengers Tower is an absolute behemoth of a kit, a full yard tall, and packed with 31 minifigures of MCU characters all the way up to Avengers Age of Ultron – including a teeny tiny Ant Man figure. This is more like a scaled-down film set than a Lego kit!

This is the 2023 Lego Avengers Tower: the video by MiniSuperHeroesToday above compares it against all the previous kits that have depicted the Avengers Tower. It’s far and away the biggest!

Marvel Lego sets - Lego Sancturm Sanctorum, a Victorian corner building with a green roof and tentacles bursting from one end

5. Lego Sanctum Sanctorum

The best Lego Marvel modular building

ID number 76218
Number of pieces  2708
Recommended age  18+
Minifigures 9

The kits in Lego’s Modular Building range are the ultimate minifig dollhouses, each one designed to come apart and stack back together again with easily swapped panels. They also clip together to make Lego street scenes. The Lego Sanctum Sanctorum recreates Dr. Strange’s iconic home in London, right down to the interdimensional portals, making it a really unusual addition to any growing Lego village.

Lego Marvel sets - Lego Infinity Gauntlet, a golden glove with five colored gems

6. Lego Infinity Gauntlet

The best Lego Marvel set for movie fans

ID number  76191
Number of pieces 590
Recommended age 18+
Minifigures 0

This kit reproduces Thanos’ infamous Infinity Gauntlet – complete with the five Infinity Stones – in all its gaudy excess. With a built in stand, this is a display piece that would look right at home on the mantelpiece of any Marvel cinematic universe buff. Though we should also point out the Lego Nano Gauntlet, if you think Iron Man red would blend in with your home decor a little better!

Marvel Lego Sets - Lego Guardians of the Galaxy Headquarters, a selection of scifi pieces with minifigures of the characters Star-Lord and Groot

7. Lego Guardians of the Galaxy Headquarters

I am Lego Groot!

ID number 76253
Number of pieces 67
Recommended age 7+
Minifigures 2

The Lego Guardians of the Galaxy Headquarters is a pocket-sized pack that costs pocket money, but it’s packed with sci-fi details that can give a Guardians of the Galaxy makeover to any other set. The real draw here will be the two minifigures, one that captures Chris Pratt’s smug Starlord with remarkable realism, and a must-have Lego Groot.

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