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Lego builder creates adorable Warhammer 40k demigod

This Lego Warhammer 40k crossover build is Roboute Guilliman, Primarch of the Ultramarines, a key figure in current Warhammer 40k lore.

Lego Warhammer 40k original creation by Piotr aka Azeri_moc - Roboute Guilliman, Primarch of the Ultramarines, wielding a flaming sword

This Lego Warhammer 40k mashup recreates the superhuman Ultramarines Primarch Roboute Guilliman in adorable minifig scale, and is the work of creator Piotr. Piotr has done sterling work making this build entirely from scratch, though we’re adamant that a licensed Warhammer 40k Lego set would be one of the best Lego sets of all time.

Piotr, aka azeri_mocs on Instagram, is “a Lego builder first and Warhammer fan second”. He’s been “building with Lego for over 12 years and got into Warhammer around two years ago”. He first saw a Lego Warhammer 40k diorama made by Jerac “in 2014 or 2015 – he is an amazing Lego master builder from my country”.

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Piotr was inspired to make his own Lego Warhammer 40k factions by YouTube channel Mando-Bricks, which had posted a “few Warhammer builds and instructions”. Piotr “decided to improve [on Mando-Bricks] Space Marines”, including designing a heavily-armored Space Marine Terminator entirely from scratch. “While making him I really liked his power fist”, Piotr says – this proved to be the kernel of inspiration that led to his Guilliman build.

Piotr says that Guilliman took “over a week” to build, compared to the few hours a day for his previous Warhammer builds. “Every time I take more than a day to build something I lose motivation, but with Guilliman I enjoyed making him every day”. You can find more of Piotr’s creations on his Instagram.

Though Guilliman is complete, Piotr can see a few ways to improve his version of the Emperor of Mankind‘s perfect child: “If I get the chance to improve him in the future I would make a custom head or helmet, because his current one is visibly too small. Other than that his power pack needs an upgrade, because the current one was made… with the few remaining blue and gold pieces after I used almost all of them on the body.”

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