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YouTuber shows how to make Lego Warhammer 40k dreadnought

This Space Marine dreadnought is YouTuber Chubbybots’ latest Warhammer 40k Lego custom scratch build - even in bricks, I still serve!

Warhammer 40k dreadnought made from Lego by youtuber Chubbybots

This vibrant Warhammer 40k dreadnought made from Lego is the work of YouTuber Chubbybots, who has been sharing their Lego original creations for six years. On January 18 Chubbybots uploaded a video showing how they created the Space Marine walker, the latest of five Lego builds that translate the grim darkness of the 41st millennium into angular plastic.


Chubbybots only started sharing MOCs (My Original Content – a model made without instructions) inspired by Warhammer 40k factions in March 2022. Their first was an Ultramarine, followed by a terminator from their personal Space Marine chapter, the Death Dealers. They have also created a Necron warrior and a daemon of Khorne.

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According to their YouTube profile, Chubbybots is “an introvert that loves making mechs, monsters and the occasional Minecraft Lego MOC as a creative outlet from my 9-5 job.” They’ve certainly captured the spirit of this Blood Angels dreadnought, and we’d love to see their take on the unreleased Brutalis Dreadnought – aka Brother Hugs-a-lot – a new Primaris dreadnought armed for close combat that Games Workshop revealed last Friday.

It was International Lego Day on Saturday, so expect to see more Lego content from us. Last week we covered an amazing T’au Empire army made from Lego, centred on a massive Lego T’au Empire Manta.

While Lego creators are using Warhammer 40k as inspiration for their scratch builds, some miniature wargame designers have returned the favour and worked the flexibility of Lego into a wargame. Brikwars is an extensive ruleset for battles between minifigs, while Mobile Frame Zero is a mech-battler, where you’ll unclip bricks from your figures as parts are blasted away.

Chubbybots’ YouTube channel is full of instructional videos helping you make the key parts of Lego mechs, like guns, heads, and joints. If you’re a brickhead who’s exhausted all the kits on Wargamer’s guide to Lego for adults, why not take apart your Eiffel Tower or Volkswagen beetle and turn them into a force of Mobile Frame Zero mechs?

The Lego company has clearly seen the crossover between Lego nerds and gaming nerds – there’s obviously the Star Wars Lego  licensed kits, and they’ve made a whole roster of Lego board games for families and gamers. And after decades of nerds using Lego minifigs for DnD miniatures, there’s going to be an official DnD Lego kit.