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MTG Arena makes Ajani’s tragic betrayal a killer meme

MTG Arena has created a new sticker emote for the just-released Dominaria United set, featuring the planeswalker Jaya screaming at compleated Ajani

Magic The Gathering Arena: Meme with Ajani and Jaya.

MTG Arena has turned one of Dominaria United’s most dramatic and tragic moments into a meme. If you’re not up to speed on the storyline of brand new MTG set Dominaria United yet, look away now. Have you gone? Okay, good. So basically, noble leonin planeswalker Ajani was secretly turned into a rotten Phyrexian, and then he only went and murdered poor Jaya. These impactful events have now been immortalised in an MTG Arena sticker emote… that’s a spin on the woman yelling at cat meme.

The sticker was added to the MTG Arena store on September 1, when Dominaria United was released on the digital platform. It casts Jaya in the role of screaming, pointing lady; Karn as the disapproving friend offering a comforting arm; and (obviously) phyrexianised Ajani as the snarling, confused kitty. It’s available in a bundle with another sticker featuring phyrexian Ertai, where it’s priced at 1200 gems or 6000 gold.

This is a very different way of showcasing the events of Dominaria United than Wizards of the Coast’s previous Jaya stunt, creating a real-life Seattle Times obituary for the deceased fictional planeswalker. This one’s less respectful, but we have to admit it got a smile out of us.

Another Arena addition may have surprised MTG players. Those who’ve been using Ajani as their avatar will have noticed it’s been swapped out for his sleeper agent form. Gasp!

Magic the Gathering Arena - Ajani sleeper agent avatar.

No one was more shocked than us about Jaya’s death in Dominaria United. We’d correctly predicted Ajani was gonna bite the dust, but we can’t be too smug, because we also specifically awarded Jaya a ‘badge of safety’. Oops. Check out our well-reasoned compleation predictions here, and laugh at us with the benefit of hindsight.

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