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When is MTG Arena coming to Steam and consoles?

You can play Magic: The Gathering Arena on Steam starting this month, with consoles bumped to 2024 - here's the Steam release date and news.

MTG Arena Steam guide - Wizards of the Coast card artwork showing the Red Planeswalker Chandra Nalaar, conjuring a fireball

We’ve known that Wizards of the Coast is creating a Magic: The Gathering Arena Steam edition for some months, alongside plans to bring its flagship digital trading card game to games consoles – and the wait is nearly over for MTG fans. Read on for the Steam release date, and everything else we know about MTG Arena’s next stage of expansion.

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MTG Arena Steam guide - Wizards of the Coast card artwork for Timewalk, showing a figure walking along the edge of a huge, metal wheel with glowing symbols on it.

MTG Arena Steam release date

MTG Arena is coming to Steam on Tuesday, May 23, 2023.

Publisher Wizards of the Coast announced the accelerated new release date during a presentation to fans at MagicCon in Minneapolis on Friday, May 5.

Chris Cocks – CEO of Wizards’ parent company Hasbro – had previously given a more conservative release window of Q3 (Fall) 2023 during an investor call in February.

MTG Arena Steam guide - Wizards of the Coast artwork showing a living humanoid tree conjuring nature magic.

How can I play MTG Arena on Steam?

After the May 23 release date, you’ll be able to add MTG Arena to your Steam library for free, then boot up the client from the Steam launcher like any other Steam game.

For existing MTG Arena players, it seems you’ll then log into your account as normal, accessing your collection, decks, and overall game state.

But, of course, the Steam release is mainly aimed at bringing new PC players into Magic – and Wizards has promised a new and improved onboarding, or tutorial experience to help teach these folks how to play Magic: The Gathering and how to build a MTG deck (though we’ve no idea what that is yet).

MTG Arena Steam guide - Wizards of the Coast card artwork for Depth Charge Colossus, showing a huge metal automaton striding through a stormy sea

When is MTG Arena coming to consoles?

MTG Arena is likely to come out on consoles some time in 2024 at the earliest, based on statements by Hasbro CEO Chris Cocks.

While Wizards has brought forward MTG Arena’s Steam PC release, the latest info we have on the planned console editions is Cocks’ comment, in a February 2023 investors’ conference call, that the firm is now targeting a “2024 and beyond” release date for consoles including Xbox and Playstation.

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