MTG Arena is selling wildcards for cash again

Wizards of the Coast is selling wildcards on the MTG Arena store again, apparently targeting players who "just want their cards quickly"

MTG Arena wildcards bundle

MTG Arena has made some big changes to its economy lately, with Golden Packs proving particularly enticing for Magic players that aren’t a fan of Limited gameplay. However, a smaller economy change, apparently targeting those who don’t want to bother with drafts or opening packs, was also made on November 15, alongside the launch of MTG The Brothers’ War. Namely, you can now buy rare or mythic wildcards directly from the store.

Previously, wildcards could be found randomly within booster packs and were also gradually accumulated as a reward for opening up those packs. Now you can just straight up buy them from the MTG Arena store. They’re not exactly cheap though – the bundles priced at $9.99 for four rare wildcards, and $19.99 for four mythics.

This isn’t the first time Wizards of the Coast has let players buy wildcards directly. Earlier this year, the company offered a different MTG Arena ‘wildcard bundle’ containing 12 rare and four mythic wildcards, for a whopping $49.99. This was widely panned by MTG fans and content creators, and Wizards soon scrapped it.

MTG Arena wildcards bundle - coins falling from a pirates crows nest

In an article published in early November, Wizards said: “The wildcard bundle experiment from earlier in the year met the needs of some players” but admitted that “locking the bundle to twelve rare wildcards and four mythic rare wildcards was too restrictive for others.”

It seems it’s kept the prices more or less the same, but broken the deal down into smaller offerings. Wizards says each bundle can be purchased a maximum of ten times between the release of MTG The Brothers’ War yesterday and January 31, 2023 – we’d guess that’s when MTG Phyrexia: All Will Be One hits Arena.

It says the offer is aimed at metagamers who’ve found the MTG Arena decks online and “just want their cards quickly so they can start playing their deck.”

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