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Artist crafts MTG Black Lotus with the power of the sun

One artist has recreated the MTG Black Lotus by burning an image of the rare Magic: The Gathering card into wood – using the sun and a magnifying glass.

MTG Black Lotus sun art by Russel Scott

Artist Russel Scott has created an MTG Black Lotus that definitely won’t pringle – using a block of wood, a magnifying glass, and the literal sun. Known as ‘thesunsmith’ on social media, Scott specializes in this unorthodox form of wood burning. They posted a video of their Magic: The Gathering art on July 5, where they also mentioned it took four hours to create this version of the rare MTG card.

You can watch Scott create their MTG Black Lotus in the video below:

In a Reddit post discussing their work, Scott says using the sun has some stylistic benefits. “I’ve found this to be better for darker, thicker lines and for spots where the design is blacked out”, they explain. It apparently takes about the same time as using a dedicated wood-burning kit.

Scott also acknowledges the cool factor in choosing to make art this way. “I’m like a wizard using a crystal to harness the power of a star that’s 92 million miles away”, they tell Reddit. “Never ceases to blow my mind.”

Scott has created other images from pop culture by collaborating with the sun. This includes some excellent Pokémon art – though we’re yet to see any rare Pokémon cards burned into wood.

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