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Seemingly useless MTG card Flumph price spikes by 600%

A rare from the MTG set DnD: Adventures in the Forgotten Realms, Flumph’s price spike may be driven by an MtG Goldfish video and a Modern combo.

MTG card Flumph art by Brian Valeza - a yellow jelly-fish-like creature is attacked by an Orc with an axe, emitting a spurt of gas

The MTG card Flumph has spiked in price from $0.50 on July 26 to a peak of $3.50 on August 2, and remains over the $3 mark, according to MTGGoldfish’s price history. This is the first time its price has crept above $1 since it was printed in the MTG set DnD: Adventures in the Forgotten Realms.

The likely cause of the price spike is an MTG Goldfish video published on July 26, the day that prices started to climb. This highlights an MTG Modern deck piloted by AnnndWhammy, which uses the Flumph as the lynchpin of a three card combo, along with the Modern-dominating Orcish Bowmasters from the recent MTG Lord of the Rings set, and any source of indestructible.

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The Flumph is a 0/3 white creature with defender and flying for 1W. Whenever it suffers damage, both players draw a card. Normally this is a liability, as your opponent is more likely to get to use the card they draw before you do.

Orcish Bowmasters has a triggered ability that deals one damage to any target whenever an opponent draws a card. If you can make your Flumph indestructible, you can set up a loop that allows you to repeatedly ping the Flumph, causing both players to draw all the cards in their library.

Obviously that sounds like “dying because of a bad card with more steps”, but the Flumph combo deck runs 63 cards in its main deck, meaning your opponent should (probably) draw their last card before you do.

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