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Cats and Dogs MTG Secret Lair reveals two adorable additions

Two new cards have been shown off for the Magic: The Gathering Secret Lair Commander deck Raining Cats and Dogs, and these synergistic picks are cute.

MTG Secret Lair card art showing Jetmir the cat demon, and his loyal hounds

Two more cards have been revealed for Raining Cats and Dogs, the upcoming limited edition MTG Secret Lair deck themed around puppies and kittens. These cards both have unique art, and they’re reversible, with one side mostly themed around cats, and the other tailored to dog-lovers.

The two new cards for the Rin and Seri MTG Commander deck, which we’re expecting to go up for sale in the next few weeks, are Jetmir Nexus of Revels and his pal Jinnie Fay. These cards both seem like perfect fits for this token-themed deck. In fact, thanks to their Naya color identities, either one could slot in perfectly well as an alternate MTG Commander.

MTG Secret Lair reversable card for Jinnie Fay

Why are they such good includes? Well, the leader of this deck Rin and Seri is all about making lots of tokens, and cares about the cat and the dog MTG creature types. Jinnie Fay replaces all your tokens with bigger, more powerful dog or cat tokens, fitting both themes. Jetmir, meanwhile, is a cat creature (perfect) and supremely powerful in token decks – turning a wide board into an immediate death sentence for your opponents.

While we’ve only seen a few cards so far, this MTG Secret Lair deck is shaping up to be quite powerful. It’s probably going to be extremely sought after too – we imagine some will want it just for the basic lands featuring cats and dogs.

MTG Secret Lair reversible card for Jetmir Nexus of Revels

Aside from the lands, the deck has five cards with unique art – and each of these has two artworks, allowing you to customize the deck as you see fit. There are just two cards left to be revealed, and according to the Secret Lair website, these will be shown off on January 19.

After that, we imagine we’ll get to see the complete deck list with all 99 cards, and then the whole shebang will go up for sale. The date for this is not yet confirmed however.

Like the other Secret Lair EDH decks, the Raining Cats and Dogs deck will be a limited product, available while the stock lasts. That’s now becoming the norm for Secret Lairs, in a move we’re concerned will increase FOMO and bring great joy to scalpers.

We’re about to see new spoilers for MTG Murders at Karlov Manor. After that, check out the MTG release schedule to see what’s coming out next.