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High-stakes MTG Commander tournament has $10,000 card for winner

A Competitive EDH tournament in LA county is offering a valuable Unlimited Black Lotus as first place prize, alongside other expensive MTG cards.

Magic the Gathering commander - a swirl of magical light in the shape of an hour glass.

A major Magic: The Gathering Commander tournament is offering an Unlimited Black Lotus potentially worth well over $10,000 to whoever comes out on top. The Competitive EDH (or cEDH) tournament is taking place in City of Industry, California on September 3 and 4. It’s being run by Cash Cards Unlimited, a game store owned by American football player Cassius Marsh; along with Frank & Son, a collectibles trade show venue. Marsh announced the tournament via Facebook on Sunday, August 7.

As well as the Black Lotus, and a series of other goodies that’ll go to the winner, super expensive MTG cards are also on offer for those who come close. These include a Portal Three Kingdoms Imperial Seal for fourth place (worth $1,700 according to MTGGoldfish), promo Gaea’s Cradle (valued at approximately $2,400) for third, and Timetwister ($9,299) for second. With up to 200 players able to enter, and a $300 entry fee, you can be sure the players who show up won’t be pulling any punches.

A bunch of sponsors appear to be involved in the Commander tournament as well, including Whatnot, who you might remember from that recent $100k MTG giveaway with Post Malone.

From the Cash Cards Unlimited website, it looks as though about 60 players have signed up so far, with 140 tickets still in stock.

According to Marsh’s Facebook post, there’s a guaranteed $30k prize pool, and further prizes from the competition’s sponsors have yet to be announced.

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