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Will the MTG Secret Lair countdown kit arrive by Christmas?

Changes to the product page for the MTG 30th Anniversary Countdown Kit have players concerned about when they'll receive their cards

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Fans who bought the MTG 30th Anniversary Countdown kit are worried about when they’ll receive the product, after Reddit user u/brentwhisnant observed that a previously listed shipping date had disappeared from the website.

This Magic product, which contains 30 cards with different MTG Secret Lair treatments, was apparently slated to ship on November 14, but this information has now vanished from the Secret Lair website. The Countdown Kit is intended as an extended MTG advent calendar, and so has been “timed to arrive at the start of December”.

In order to achieve the swift turnaround, the Secret Lair advent calendar was not printed to demand, but instead available in limited numbers. The launch of the product was a severe mess, with the Secret Lair website plagued by technical issues that hampered buying attempts. So players, understandably, find the idea that they may now not get their cards on time rather irksome.

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While it seems perfectly plausible that the shipping date was removed on November 14 simply because the date had passed, many Reddit users have stated in a thread that they’ve yet to receive a shipping confirmation email.

In the WeeklyMTG stream where the countdown kit was announced, former MTG brand director Elaine Chase said that “most markets should receive it by December 1.”

Wargamer has reached out to Wizards of the Coast for comment.

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