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The best reprints in MTG Dominaria Remastered

These are the best MTG Dominaria Remastered cards - the most valuable and expensive reprints in the upcoming Dominaria compilation set

MTG Dominaria Remastered cards - Artwork of Urza leading an army of robots.

MTG Dominaria Remastered has hit us with a tidal wave of exciting reprints from all up and down Magic: The Gathering history, as hundreds of cards from the set dropped in mere hours. This curated compilation set, designed to be drafted, has plenty of value packed within. There are some true Commander (not to mention Modern, and even Legacy) staples, and a good number of chase cards worth up to and above $50.

Of course, those prices could be set to plummet soon, especially if – as Blake Rasmussen suggested on the latest Weekly MTG stream – this product has a larger print run than Time Spiral Remastered. Fans put off from purchasing expensive singles in the past may be in luck.

Dominaria Remastered drops in January, but you should check out the MTG 2023 release schedule to know what’s next. Now, without further ado, these are the best reprints in MTG Dominaria Remastered – the cards to pray for when you’re opening up packs.

Urza, Lord High Artificer

The Brothers’ War gave us a plethora of Urza cards, but frankly, they don’t hold a candle to Urza, Lord High Artificer. This artifact-making value engine of a card used to make waves in Modern, and even though it got a semi-recent reprint in the first Modern Horizons, it’s still valued at $53 (all prices from MTGGoldfish).

Urza’s Incubator

A staple in tribal EDH decks everywhere, Urza’s Incubator was in sore need of this Dominaria Remastered reprint. Outside of its original 1999 printing in Urza’s Destiny, it has only showed up in a couple of MTG Commander sets, which hasn’t lowered its price a jot – it’s sitting pretty at $46.

Sylvan Library

Sylvan Library is one of those cards that benefits from the high life total in Commander. Four life for each extra card the Library nets you isn’t nothing, but – at least early on – it’s well worth paying, and can launch you ahead of the competition. A staple in expensive green EDH decks, this is a fantastic Dominaria Remastered reprint, as the card’s currently priced at $45.

Yawgmoth, Thran Physician

The creator of those Phyrexians who’ve been causing such a bother lately, Yawmoth, Thran Physician is a much-desired card in both Modern and Commander, valued at $41.

MTG Dominaria Remastered cards

No Mercy

Another welcome Dominaria Remastered reprint, No Mercy is the scourge of token decks everywhere. Drastically under-printed, it’s only appeared in Urza’s Legacy, and as one of those funky-but-divisive Amonkhet invocations. This one’s $40 right now.

Vampiric Tutor

One of the best MTG tutors, a copy of Vampiric Tutor will currently set you back $40 – which may leave your bank account looking rather drained. This isn’t the only excellent tutor card in Dominaria Remastered – there’s also Wordly, Mystical, and Enlightened Tutor, each one worth a good $20. The red card Gamble completes the cycle. EDH players relying on a few key cards to make their deck sing can never have enough tutors, and we’d be very happy to open up any of these.

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Other notable Dominaria Remastered cards:

  • Mystic Remora – $9
  • Time Stretch- $22
  • Dark Depths – $18
  • Entomb – $20
  • Arboria – $20