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Finally, a Magic the Gathering deck you can eat

Wizards of the Coast sends influencers ‘decks’ of Trolli gummy sweets inspired by Magic the Gathering cards for the game’s 30th anniversary

MTG 30th anniversary gummy sweets promotion, photo by MTGGoldfish showing some Trolli sour gummy sweets, Sol Ring and Oblivion Stone cards

Since the end of October, social media influencers have been sharing photos and videos of Trolli sour gummy sweets themed around popular Magic the Gathering cards. The ‘decks’ of gummy sweets were distributed to promote the MTG 30th anniversary celebrations, and are the result of a collaboration between publisher Wizards of the Coast and the Chicago-based Ferrara Candy Company.

Influencers who received the gummy packs tweeted and released TikTok videos of the sweet novelties using the #MtgXTrolli hashtag. Photos of the packet that the gummies come in show a complete ‘decklist’ of different sweets. It’s a pun-stuffed rundown of popular MTG cards.

MTG 30th anniversary gummy sweets packet photo taken by MTGGoldfish

Here’s the complete, gummy decklist:

  • Wurmcoil engine x 4 (Sour Wurmcoil Engine)
  • Voracious shore shark x 4 (Voracious Sour Shark)
  • Reality Smasher x 4 (Reality Smash Sour)
  • Frightcrawler x 4 (Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers)
  • Karn Liberated (by flavour) x4
  • Gauntlet of Power x 4 (Gauntlet of Sour)
  • Ugin, the Spirit Dragon x4 (Ugin, the Sour Dragon)
  • Sol Ring x4 (Peachie Sol Ring)
  • Chromatic Sphere x 4 (Chromatic Sour Sphere)
  • Oblivion Stone x4 (Oblivion Strawberry Stone)
  • Urza’s Mine x4 (Wormza’s Mine)
  • Urza’s Power Plant x4 (Wormza’s Power Plant)
  • Urza’s Tower x4 (Wormza’s Tower)
  • Academy Ruins x4 (Academy Chew-Ins)
  • Desert of the Mindful x4 (Dessert of the Mindful)
  • Desert of the Indomitable x4 (Dessert of the Indomitable)

The candy version of the deck is obviously not playable, but the deck is surprisingly solid, made up of the MTG Modern format’s heavy hitters – cards you wouldn’t be surprised to see in a Tron deck.

MTG 30th anniversary gummy sweet packet back information with decklist of gummy sweets - photo by MTGGoldfish

We asked Trolli and Ferrara Candy Company if there would be a public release of the themed sweet pack – we’ll let you know when they tell us.

The Trolli promotion is just one part of Wizards of the Coast’s celebrations; we’ve recently written about the fan reception to the flagship MTG 30th anniversary product. Gummy isn’t the only unusual material for a magic deck we’ve seen recently either – we wrote about a fan who played Magic the Gathering in jail with decks created entirely from memory.

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The photographs used in this article were shared by the official Twitter of MTG price-tracking website MTGGoldfish.