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MTG Jumpstart nerfs Tron card, but only in Italy

An Italian language misprint of Urza's Tower from Jumpstart 2022 weakens the card in an oddly specific manner that's left us scratching our heads

MTG Jumpstart - Artwork of Urza firing a red beam from the mightstone

Here’s one of the strangest MTG misprints we’ve ever encountered. An Italian version of the Magic: The Gathering card Urza’s Tower has been printed which taps for just two colourless mana, instead of three. We expect the odd translation mistake in non-English Magic cards, but how did someone manage to miss off an entire mana symbol?

An image of the card in question was uploaded to the magicTCG subreddit by user bluetrebol on Wednesday. It’s the new MTG Jumpstart 2022 version of Urza’s Tower, with art by Brian Snoddy, found in mythic rare Tron packs.

We’ve spotted no other versions of the mistake (nor correctly printed Italian Urza’s Towers for that matter) floating around on the net, so it’s not currently clear if this is a one-off error, or if all Italian versions of the card have the same boo boo. It’s hard to see how this could be a mistake at the printing stage however, so we’d guess there’ll be more out there.

MTG Jumpstart - Italian version of Urza's Tower with a strange misprint

The Tron lands: Urza’s Tower, Urza’s Power Plant, and Urza’s Mine form an amazing mana-generating combo, which has been the basis for many a Modern deck over the years. Each land makes just one colourless mana at first, but when all three are on the field, they spit out two mana from the mine and power plant and three mana from the tower, giving you seven mana from just three lands. At least, that’s usually how they work.

No doubt many players over the years, facing off against an Ugin, Karn, or one of the big Eldrazi, that the Tron cards were just that little bit weaker. All the same, it does seem pretty harsh for Wizards to pick on a handful of countries in this first-of-its-kind, language-specific errata.