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MTG Lord of the Rings decks arrive precisely when they mean to

The upcoming MTG Lord of the Rings set isn't due out until June 23, but for some reason, Commander decks ordered through Amazon are arriving early.

MTG Lord of the Rings - two hobbits eating a giant sponge cake.

Magic: The Gathering’s upcoming Lord of the Rings expansion isn’t due for over a week, but fans are already receiving their copies of the Lord of the Rings Commander decks. Multiple images have shown up on social media of the MTG Lord of the Rings decks in all their glory, sitting on fans’ counters and kitchen tables a good ten days ahead of schedule.

How did these MTG fans get the Lord of the Rings decks so early? And what will the Pinkertons have to say about this? It seems like most of the people who’ve received the early decks preordered the full set of four from Amazon.

One Reddit user, Sael-er, confirmed they made the order from a third party merchant on Amazon, rather than directly from Amazon itself. This account seems supported by that of other users such as GoldHo-oh.

If you ordered from Amazon too, perhaps you’ll have an early surprise in the mail. Otherwise, you’ll just have to wait for the June 23 global tabletop release, same as the rest of us.

As well as the four dedicated decks, the Lord of the Rings set has some awesome MTG commander cards like Shelob and Shadowfax. It also has the most expensive MTG card of all time, with the (now) $1 million One Ring.

Did you know this Explorer-legal set is coming to MTG Arena? Keep an eye on our MTG Arena codes guide next week.