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Bounty on MTG LOTR One Ring card leaps to $1 million

The bidding war for MTG Lord of the Rings' One Ring card continues to rage, with a new highest offer cracking the $1 million mark.

MTG Lord of the Rings One Ring card art with treasure tokens surrounding it

The unique One Ring card from MTG Lord of the Rings is set to be the world’s most expensive Magic: The Gathering card, after bids for the unreleased cardboard rectangle rose to $1 million on Wednesday.

The astronomically high bid comes from Dave & Adams Card World, a trading card store in Buffalo NY. Originally, the store wanted the card within 30 days of the set’s release, by July 17. But it has since removed the expiry date from the offer.

The $1 million offer is double the previous highest bid, the $500,000 offered by football player Cassius Marsh. An unofficial bidding war has been underway this week, ever since Marsh himself kicked things off on May 31 with an offer of $190k.

MTG Lord of the Rings poster explaining the $1 million bid for the one ring card

If Magic: The Gathering’s unique one-of-a-kind One Ring card does sell for $1 million or over, it will officially become the most expensive MTG card – easily surpassing the $800k Post Malone spent on an autographed artist proof of Black Lotus.

The current auction leader Dave & Adams Card World is known for paying out exorbitant prices for rare cards. Recently, it paid a bounty of $250k for a unique autographed Druw Jones baseball card, for instance.

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It remains to be seen how high in price the One Ring card will fly, or how the souls of Men will be corrupted by its insidious influence. Check out some more LOTR spoiler cards in our MTG Lord of the Rings guide, or take a look at this pair of neat Lord of the Rings commanders.

Meanwhile, if a cool mil is a little too rich for you when it comes to collecting MTG cards, try the online version instead and use our MTG Arena codes guide to scoop a pile of free digital card packs.