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Football star puts $150k bounty on One Ring MTG card

Keen Magic: The Gathering fans are bidding for the One Ring ahead of the release of Tales of Middle-earth – including linebacker Cassius Marsh.

MTG One Ring bounty - Wizards of the Coast art of the One Ring

Football player Cassius Marsh has put a bounty on the One Ring MTG card, which will release in the MTG set Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth. Posting on Twitter on May 31, Marsh says he will pay $150,000 (around £119,000) in exchange for the rare Magic card. A Tiktok from Marsh also says he will “fly you out to California and show you a good time” as part of the deal.

The One Ring is quite literally a one-of-a-kind card. With just one printed for the entire MTG set, it comes with a 001/001 serial number to prove its status. While this card could rival the rareness of the infamous MTG Black Lotus, its foil print means The One Ring may already be pringling.

MTG One Ring bounty tweet from Cassius Marsh

While he’s not expected to walk into Mordor, Cassius faces a few problems when it comes to hunting the One Ring. The first is that, as far as high-end Magic bids go, his is surprisingly low. The most expensive Magic: The Gathering cards ever sold have racked up hundreds of thousands of dollars. Currently, Post Malone seems to own the most expensive MTG card ever, having paid $800,000 (£638,000) for a Black Lotus.

Cassius’ second problem is he’s not the only bounty hunter out there. MTG collector Dan Bock shared one of the first high-profile bids on March 15, offering $100,000 (£80,000) for the card. The owner of TCG store Mystery MTG also shared a bid of $190,000 (£151,000) at the close of May.

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