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One Ring MTG card just hit $500k in bidding war

The bidding war for Magic: The Gathering's unique One Ring is heating up, with a new $500k bid for the Lord of the Rings MTG card.

Magic The Gathering Frodo reaching for the One Ring

The One Ring MTG card now has a $500k price on its head, after three bids were made in rapid succession for the most sought after Magic: The Gathering card in MTG Lord of the Rings. Magic fans and sellers with money to burn are racing to outbid one another for this premium card, but it’s currently football player (and TCG store owner) Cassius Marsh leading the pack with his bid of half a million dollars.

Marsh himself set the bar on Friday, offering a $150,000 bounty for the unique and much-hyped one of a kind One Ring card. But this was soon surpassed by Mystery MTG – a company that runs a Magic subscription service – which offered to pay $190,000 to whoever is lucky enough to find The Ring.

This One Ring card, in case you’ve been living under a rock, is so sought after because there’s only one just like it being printed, ever. It’s primed to be one of the most valuable MTG cards of all time, though it must be said that thanks to its foiling, the card looks to already be pringling.

Magic The Gathering The serialized 001/001 One Ring card

We didn’t spot any new bids over the weekend, but rapid offers were flying on Monday, June 5. First, Australian TCG seller Good Games set a new top price of $250k, soon outbid as Mystery MTG raised its offer to $309k. And then, just an hour later, Cassius Marsh outstripped the highest offer with the current top price: $500k.

Who will find The One Ring? Well, probably not you. Amazon suggests the chance of finding the card in a collector booster pack is less than 0.00003%. We don’t like those odds. There’s still a few weeks before MTG Lord of the Rings’ June 23 release date and prerelease on June 16. Given that Magic sellers tend to crack some packs prior to release, it’s quite possible the card will be found before the general public ever gets its hands on the set.

After that, we’ll just have to live vicariously through whoever ends up shelling out for the card. Some believe Post Malone will end up being the owner of the One Ring. He’s probably the most high-flying confirmed Magic fan, as well as the current owner of the most expensive MTG card, having spent $800k on an MTG Black Lotus. But the One Ring card’s ultimate fate is uncertain, especially since many, many fans have expressed a wish to see it thrown into a volcano (cast it into the fire! Destroy it!)

One thing’s for sure, we’ll be keeping an eye (of Sauron?) out for new bids, as it’s doubtful the One Ring card’s price is stopping here. Before the month is out, it may well find itself right at the top of our most expensive MTG cards list. But how will it compare to the truly outrageous price tags found on the most expensive and rare Pokémon cards?

Did you know that while it’s not Standard-legal, the Lord of the Rings set is still coming to Arena? Check out every MTG Arena code here.