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Another MTG Lord of the Rings card spikes with 1000% price rise

Thanks to Modern and Pauper players, Lorien Revealed joins the ranks of MTG LotR cards rising in price on secondary trading card game markets.

MTG Lord of the Rings Lorien Revealed card art by Wizards of the Coast

After seeing plenty of play in Modern, Pauper, and beyond, another MTG Lord of the Rings card price spike has launched. Lorien Revealed was selling for a measly $0.30 on MTGGoldfish as of July 21, but its price hiked to $3.60 on July 27. TCGPlayer has seen a similar trend, with the Magic: The Gathering card’s price jumping from $0.29 to $2.38.

Lorien Revealed is a five-mana blue Sorcery. It lets you draw three cards, and it has Islandcycling with a cost of one mana. Spend one mana and discard the card, and you can put an Island in your hand from your deck.

MTG Lord of the Rings Lorien Revealed card from Wizards of the Coast

Lorien Revealed is an excellent backup to have on hand if things are going pear-shaped, granting general card draw as well as a hard-to-counter way to guarantee land draw. It’s also perfect fodder for getting more powerful cards on the board. Plenty of potent counterspell cards and creatures are paid for through exiled cards, after all – this could be your key to casting Murktide Regent or Force of Negation.

This is a common MTG card, so it’s made plenty of appearances in MTG Pauper decks. MTG Modern players are also having a field day with the card, stuffing multiple copies of the card into decks like Dimir Bowmasters and Izzet Murktide.

Dimir Bowmasters, in fact, is full of trending MTG Lord of the Rings cards. Orcish Bowmasters and Sauron’s Ransom are also appearing in successful deck lists, for example.

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