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Phyrexian aura MTG card undergoes 100% price spike

The aura MTG card Glistening Oil has doubled in price, thanks to its synergy with an outstandingly popular Wilds of Eldraine commander.

The aura MTG card Glistening Oil has seen a 100% price spike. According to MTG Goldfish’s price tracker, it’s doubled in price, rising from the $3.70 it cost on MTG Wilds of Eldraine’s release date to $7.40 today. That’s an increase of exactly 100%.

Released in the New Phyrexia MTG set back in 2011, Glistening Oil grants a creature the infamous Magic: The Gathering keyword, Infect, letting it dish out lethal poison counters. It also slowly kills the enchanted creature over time with -1/-1 counters, and goes back to its owner’s hand when they die. The reason for its recent climb in price is pretty simple, it’s the perfect inclusion for popular Wilds of Eldraine MTG commander, Eriette of the Charmed Apple.

Eriette is a commander that’s all about putting auras on opposing creatures, as they then become unable to attack you. She also benefits from a rather extreme life drain effect, which quickly adds up once you get a few enchantments online.

So with Glistening Oil, you’re giving an enemy creature Infect, staying safe from the poison counters yourself, all the while gaining life from having it on the field. And if the creature dies, you get to do it all over again. Barring a timely exile effect, once Glistening Oil comes down, someone’s dying to poison that game.

To illustrate the card’s popularity, there are 74 Eriette decks running Glistening Oil listed on MTG Goldfish. And 1049 out of a total 2234 Eriette decks (told you she was popular) submitted to EDHREC run the card.

With Eriette of the Charmed Apple standing out as the most popular MTG Wilds of Eldraine commander by far, we can expect a few more of the top aura cards to move in price around her. We’d expect her to have a similar effect to ludicrously popular MTG Lord of the Rings Commander Tom Bombadil, who boosted a bunch of saga cards.

We’d expect Eriette’s effect to be a little less pronounced, since there are way more aura cards available than saga cards, and at a wider range of MTG card rarities. But we’re already seeing a few aura enchantment cards trending upward. For instance, one brutal enchantment card, Overwhelming Splendor, has risen in price from $3.50 to $6.40 in the last couple of weeks. This white card enchants a player, cruelly making all their creatures 1/1s and shutting down activated abilities to boot.

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