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Wizards will pay you $145k to write flavor text for MTG cards

Magic: The Gathering is looking for a creative text game designer to work on MTG cards for Wizards of the Coast – and the job pays well.

MTG cards creative text game designer - Wizards of the Coast art of a human reaching for a star

If you’re a dab hand at creative writing and know a lot about Magic: The Gathering lore, Wizards of the Coast might have the perfect job for you. The tabletop gaming publisher is currently looking for a creative text game designer. According to a job listing posted on December 6, you could be paid $77,200 – $145,200 (£61,401 – £115,537) annually to write flavor text for MTG cards.

“We’re seeking a dynamic creative text game designer to lead the development of creative card content for Magic: The Gathering TCG”, Wizards says. “If you’re passionate about blending mechanics and flavor in short-form writing, we want you on our team.” Apparently, Wizards’ perfect employee “is adaptable, creative, familiar with Magic TCG, and capable of working within established styles and a variety of workflows”.

Communication, attention to detail, time management, knowledge of how to play Magic: The Gathering, and a process-oriented mindset are all listed as desirable traits. Experience with production, project management, data analysis, game design, or external vendors is also a nice plus. Wizards is hoping to find someone with at least two years of professional writing experience who is able to work in full-time, hybrid employment at its office in Renton, Washington.

According to Wizards, “The day-to-day responsibilities are centered around generating unique and compelling narrative card content (e.g. card names and flavor text) with external and internal writers for all Magic IP products”. This may also involve content planning, collaborating on worldbuilding, managing writing commissions from external writers, and playtesting to “reinforce established narrative and mechanical goals”.

There doesn’t appear to be a closing date for applications, so we assume Wizards will keep the job listing live until it finds the perfect applicant to work on its future MTG sets. This will likely be a dream job for many Magic fans, though – so if you’re planning to apply, maybe don’t sleep on it.

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