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Ncuti Gatwa and the Meep are MTG cards in Doctor Who Secret Lair

Wizards of the Coast has revealed the final two MTG cards in the Doctor Who Secret Lair, and they include the Fifteenth Doctor and The Meep.

MTG cards Doctor Who Fifteenth Doctor Close-up

Now that the final Doctor Who special before Christmas has hit our screens, Wizards of the Coast has shared two more MTG cards that form the Doctor Who Secret Lair. This is a short collection of Doctor Who cards that are available for a month, from now, December 11, until January 8.

They include characters and aliens from the trio of specials which couldn’t be part of the main set, because their episodes hadn’t yet aired.

MTG cards including Fifteenth doctor and The Meep.

The MTG Doctor Who cards in this latest Secret Lair include three that we saw last week: The Fourteenth Doctor, Rose Noble, and The Celestial Toymaker. But after the episode on Sunday, Wizards of the Coast made the two remaining cards in the collection public. They are Ncuti Gatwa’s Fifteenth Doctor, and the Meep.

What do these new cards do? Well The Meep is a mono-black legendary creature that’s all about sacrifice effects. Unusually, it uses those sacrifices to pump your board, giving all your creatures the power and toughness of the sacrifice-ee’s mana value. Ideally, for this card to be at its best, you’d need to have a mixture of tokens and high mana value creatures that you don’t mind sacrificing on your board – a tall order!

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The Fifteenth Doctor is an interesting value card, and works with artifact decks. You can use him to mill yourself a little, and then gain back low cost artifacts (perhaps a TARDIS?). Then he makes your non-artifact spells cheaper with Improvise. We can see this working out in a dedicated Doctor deck – perhaps using the clue and food tokens the old-school Doctors produce to cheat out some higher cost cards.

This MTG Secret Lair is one of a number of Lair drops revealed in recent weeks – the last lot included Jurassic World cards, and even a Tomb Raider crossover.