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MTG reveals Doctor Who Secret Lair based on anniversary special

A Magic: The Gathering Secret Lair features five new Doctor Who MTG cards – and here’s what we know about the first three revealed by IGN.

Three cards from MTG Secret Lair Doctor Who

Magic: The Gathering isn’t done with Doctor Who yet – as Wizards of the Coast has revealed new cards from an MTG Doctor Who Secret Lair. The cards were shared by IGN in an exclusive preview on December 4. Each features a character from the recent Doctor Who 60th Anniversary special, including David Tennant as the Fourteenth Doctor rather than the tenth.

The Fourteenth Doctor was designed with MTG Commander decks in mind, even if it’s from an MTG Secret Lair instead. The first Doctor card with more than two MTG colors, it costs one blue, white, and red or green to cast. IGN shared an interview with Magic designer Gavin Verhey which confirms this card was meant for players who might want a deck to represent all the Doctors at once.

IGN image of MTG Secret Lair Doctor Who card, The Fourteenth Doctor

When you cast The Fourteenth Doctor, you reveal the top 14 cards of your library, putting all Doctor cards revealed in your graveyard. The rest of the cards go on the bottom of your library in a random order.

Additionally, you can have The Fourteenth Doctor enter the battlefield as a copy of any Doctor card put in your graveyard on that turn. That copy also gains haste until the end of the turn.

IGN image of MTG Secret Lair Doctor Who card, Rose Noble

Two additional characters also make an appearance in the Secret Lair. Yasmin Finney’s Rose Noble is a blue 2/3 human legendary creature that costs four mana to cast. The card has Ward 2, and it allows you to draw a card any time you cast a Doctor spell or creature spell with the ‘doctor’s companion’ keyword.

And then there’s The Celestial Toymaker (complete with art of Neil Patrick Harris making a very creepy face). This 2/4 rogue artificer legendary creature costs three mana – one blue, one white, and one black.

IGN image of MTG Secret Lair Doctor Who card, The Celestial Toymaker

Whenever it attacks, you can look at the top three cards of your library, exiling any number in a face-down pile and the rest in a face-up pile. The defending player picks one pile to add to your hand.

Plus, at the beginning of every end step, each of your opponents lose two life for each spell or ability that forced at least one player to guess or group cards/permanents into a pile on that turn.

IGN says two more cards will be revealed next week, and we can expect the Secret Lair to drop on December 11. As usual, you can grab these limited edition cards from the Secret Lair website.

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