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Pro Tour promo MTG cards include adorable kitty cat Jace

Wizards unveils unique MTG card promos for players taking part in the championship qualifiers - including one that reimagines Jace as a cat.

MTG card art featuring a cat planeswalker

Wizards of the Coast has revealed two unique MTG cards that will be given out to participants in Magic: The Gathering’s next batch of Regional Championship Qualifiers. There are two MTG Secret Lair prize cards with unique artwork up for grabs, an Offer You Can’t Refuse for participants, and a Death’s Shadow for top finishers.

The Offer You Can’t Refuse features artwork by Miho Irie, depicting an adorable version of Jace Beleren, reimagined as a cute little kitty. The Death’s Shadow features art by Matt Stikker, depicting the creature in his gruesome, somewhat cartoonish, heavy metal style.

Organisers, including WPN stores, will be running Regional Championship Qualifiers, where you can access these cards, between September 9 and December 17. They’re Qualifiers for the second MTG Pro Tour of 2024. Qualifiers for the first 2024 Pro Tour (which takes place in February) are still running, until August 20.

Magic’s no stranger to cute creatures, and at least two Secret Lairs featuring felines have been released in the past. Meanwhile, Stikker’s artwork can be seen in several March of the Machine cards featuring the Kaldheim multiverse art style. That was one of the more popular card treatments, if we remember correctly.

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