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MTG Modern Horizons 3 has a card-pinching crab demon

You've seen Kraken Demons, now try Crab Demons, with this Modern Horizons 3 card that can nick cards from opponent's hands, decks, and graveyards.

MTG art showing a big black crab with scary eyes

Here’s another MTG Modern Horizons 3 card worth shouting about (and then running away from, and then hiding behind a rock). The beautifully named Crabomination is a mighty crab creature which can play one of your opponent’s spells for free.

There are two interesting things about this card by our counting (three if you count the fun mashup of MTG creature types). Firstly, it picks the card you get to steal and cast in a really weird way. You grab the top card of an opponent’s library, a random card from their graveyard, and a random card from their hand, and then choose which of the three you want.

It’s a bit like the MTG dinosaur Etali, except it triggers off entering not attacking, and rather than getting to steal one card from every player, you steal three cards from one player. But all, I should note, in a way that hopefully (or unfortunately, depending on your motives) won’t piss them off too much.

MTG Modern Horizons 3 card Crabomination

The second interesting thing about Crabomination is that it features the MTG keyword emerge. Cards with emerge let you sacrifice another permanent, usually a creature, and then play them for cheap, subtracting the sacrificed card’s mana cost from the new card’s emerge cost.

But Crabomination is unique because it can emerge from artifacts, not just creatures. You thought that was a mana rock? No, muahahaha, it’s a crab!

Like many of the Modern Horizons 3 cards revealed over the past week, this seems like it could be decent in Affinity decks. After all, if you’re popping down a high cost artifact creature for cheap, you could probably play Crabomination afterwards for just a couple of black mana.

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