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Modern Horizons 3 release date, spoilers, and news

Modern Horizons 3 is coming out in June this year, and it's bound to bring loads of terrifying new cards, along with powerful reprints.

Summer 2024 should be an exciting time for Magic: The Gathering fans who love competitive, high-powered games, as this is when Modern Horizons 3 is coming out. Here we’ll share the latest release dates, spoilers, and news for Modern Horizons 3.

Like the previous Modern Horizons sets, this release is designed explicitly for Modern, and will be filled with earth-shakingly powerful new cards, as well as some tasty reprints.

If Modern Horizons 3 is anything like its predecessors, you can expect the power level of these cards to dramatically reshape the MTG Modern format’s meta (though hopefully there’ll be fewer cards that need consigning to the MTG banlist). Already we’ve seen new versions of the Eldrazi titans and reprints of the valuable MTG Fetch Lands.

Not finding the information you seek? Be sure to check back soon, as we’ll be sharing more details about this upcoming MTG set, as soon as they come to light. For more info on the rest of year’s releases, don’t miss our handy MTG release schedule guide.

MTG Modern Horizons 3 release date

Modern Horizons 3 is coming out on June 14, 2024: that’s the official Modern Horizons 3 release date, where the paper cards will be available for all, worldwide.

Die-hard fans will be able to play with the cards a little sooner than that however. They’ll be available at Local Game Stores from the start of prerelease events, which will begin on June 7.

This set is also coming to MTG Arena despite the fact that the Modern format doesn’t exist on the platform. You’ll be able to grab the cards on Arena for the online-only MTG formats Historic and Timeless starting from June 11.

Finally, you’re probably wondering when Modern Horizons 3 spoiler season will begin. We’ve seen some rumblings already, but the full deluge will be unleashed across ten days, between May 21 and May 31.

Magic the Gathering Modern Horizons 3: illustration of Eldrazi, extra-dimensional titans with incomprehensible proportions, rise from a waste in a lightning choked realm

MTG Modern Horizons 3 spoilers

We’ve already gotten a taste for this set, with the first Modern Horizons 3 spoilers containing a range of exciting appearances and mechanics.

First Modern Horizons 3 spoilers

The very first Modern Horizons 3 spoilers were shown off at MagicCon Chicago on February 23, where Wizards gave us some tantalizing glimpses at what’s coming up. For instance, we saw the first of the set’s double-sided planeswalkers, which show of the sparking stories of key Magic: The Gathering characters.

Ajani, Nacatl Pariah starts out as a little 1/2 that makes a 2/1 cat token. Then, when a cat dies he flips into his powerful MTG planeswalker form.

This is a particularly angry version of Ajani, out for vengeance, hence the Boros MTG color combination. He can buff your cats, make new tokens and deal damage equal to your creature count, and even wipe the board (leaving a few things standing).

Another highlight was a new Emrakul, which can be cast for just six mana for its Madness cost, steals all of an enemy’s creatures and can’t be targeted by spells. You do have to sacrifice your whole board when it dies though.

Other cool cards include Flare of Cultivation, a scary looking version of Cultivate that can be cast for zero mana.

And Scurry of Gremlins, an energy-powered card that seems great in a go-wide deck.

Then there’s Psychic Frog, which will hop over blockers, draw cards, and generally be a pain in the ass.

For a sense of how strong cards in this set are likely to be, check out the the best Modern Horizons 2 cards.