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New Eldrazi in MTG Modern Horizons 3 looks tasty for Tron

More Eldrazi in Modern Horizons 3? Who could have seen this coming? Here’s a new Magic: The Gathering card that’ll appeal to Tron players.

Wizards of the Coast art from MTG Modern Horizons 3 card, Devourer of Destiny

The Modern Horizons 3 spoilers are coming thick and fast, and one particular MTG card looks like a sure bet for Tron decks. A Magic: The Gathering story article from May 13 revealed Devourer of Destiny, an Eldrazi that can be revealed from your opening hand to trigger a super Scry in your first upkeep phase of the game.

This MTG Eldrazi costs seven mana to cast, but you don’t need to spend a dime to play with it. If the card is in your opening hand, you can reveal it at the start of a game. Then, on your first upkeep, you get to look at the top four cards of your library, choosing one to put back on top. The rest go into exile.

MTG Modern Horizons 3 card, Devourer of Destiny

The card does have other features. It’s a fairly beefy 6/6 creature, and you can exile a permanent of your choice that belongs to one or more MTG colors. But it’s that opening-hand gamble that’ll appeal to Tron players.

In case you haven’t played a game of MTG Modern in a while, Tron decks all share one common trait: Urza lands. If you can get Urza’s Mine, Urza’s Power Plant, and Urza’s Tower into play, you’ve got a huge colorless mana base to play with.

Different types of Tron decks use this in different ways, but the core principle remains the same: find those Urza lands fast. Devourer of Destiny sets you up nicely to look through your deck, searching for those crucial cards.

MTG Modern Horizons 3 card, Breaker of Creation

Unsurprisingly, Devourer of Destiny isn’t the only Eldrazi spoiler to emerge of late. Another MTG story article from Monday showed off Breaker of Creation, a creature with Annihilator 2, Hexproof from each color, and a bit of life gain. This might be one to watch for other MTG formats – we can see it pairing nicely with a budget MTG Commander deck.

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