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MTG fetch lands explained

Wondering what an MTG fetchland is or how much you should be paying for them? Here’s a comprehensive guide from our Magic: The Gathering aficionados.

Grasslands, one of the MTG fetch lands from Wizards of the Coast

MTG fetch lands are a huge boon to the mana-screwed masses of Magic: The Gathering. Able to grab exactly the land you need at the perfect time, it’s no wonder MTG fetchlands are so prized. However, they’re only prized in certain formats – so if you need a refresher on fetchlands, we’ve got you covered.

Though they’re not the most expensive Magic cards out there, MTG fetch lands can still set you back a pretty penny. But they can be more than worth it in MTG Commander decks, or in formats like MTG Modern. Below you’ll find a full explainer of fetch lands, as well as the kind of prices you can expect to pay for the best MTG fetchlands.

Wizards of the Coast artwork from Mountain Valley, one of the MTG fetch lands

What are MTG fetch lands?

The phrase ‘fetch land’ refers to a non-basic MTG Land card that can be sacrificed to search your library for a specific land. You’ll sometimes need to pay a life for the privilege, and your deck is shuffled after you’ve found your new land and put it on the battlefield. Generally, a fetch land lets you choose from one of two MTG colors when deciding on a land to search for.

They were first introduced in the 1996 MTG set Mirage, but variations on the original fetch lands have cropped up in plenty of other places – including Onslaught, Zendikar, and Streets of New Capenna.

Wizards of the Coast artwork from Misty Forest, one of the MTG fetch lands

Why are MTG fetch lands so expensive?

While reprints have helped bring down the price of some fetch lands, others still remain pricey. Why? Power has a lot to do with it. MTG fetch lands help ensure you get the exact mana you need (a simple feature that cannot be overestimated).

Additionally, it gives you a free shuffle of your deck, and it helps trim down your deck for later on when pulling a basic land would be less helpful. Fetch lands also synergise well with cards that have the Landfall ability.

Plus, you don’t necessarily have to pick a basic land when you search your deck. Any non-basic land which comes under one of the two land types specified by your fetch land can be added to the battlefield. That means dual lands, shock lands, and more are on the table.

Because of their power, you’ll find fetch lands on the MTG banlist for plenty of MTG formats.

Wizards of the Coast artwork from Windswept Heath, one of the MTG fetch lands

A complete list of MTG fetch lands

Here’s a complete list of MTG fetch lands, complete with their current market price on TCGPlayer (these obviously fluctuate, but they’re all accurate at the time of publication).

Mirage fetch lands

Here are the original MTG fetch lands:

Name Colors Price
 Bad River Black/Blue $1.80
Flood Plain Blue/White  $1.02
Grasslands Green/White  $0.85
Mountain Valley Green/Red $1.24
Rocky Tar Pit Black/Red  $0.85

Onslaught fetch lands

These are the Onslaught fetch lands:

Name Colors Price
 Bloodstained Mire Black/Red  $77.93
Flooded Strand Blue/White $82.71
Polluted Delta Black/Blue $80.64
Windswept Heath Green/White  $47.05
Wooded Foothills Green/Red $73.51

Shards of Alara fetch lands

The Shards of Alara fetch lands aren’t true fetch lands – instead, they’re Panoramas. These are non-basic lands that operate as fetch lands if you pay a mana and sacrifice the card. Here’s the list:

Name Colors Price
 Bant Panorama Blue/Green/White $0.22
Esper Panorama Black/Blue/White $0.18
Grixis Panorama Black/Blue/Red $0.25
Jund Panorma Black/Green/Red  $0.22
Naya Panorama Green/Red/White $0.11

Wizards of the Coast artwork from Scalding Tarn, one of the MTG fetch lands

Zendikar fetch lands

Here are the Zendikar fetch lands:

Name Colors Price
 Arid Mesa Red/White  $13.76
Marsh Flats Black/White $11.82
Misty Rainforest Blue/Green  $18.06
Scalding Tarn Blue/Red $21.11
Verdant Catacombs Black/Green $15.31

Streets of New Capenna fetch lands

Streets of New Capenna fetch lands are another slightly different variant, this time called Locales. These sacrifice themselves automatically, and you gain a life rather than lose one. Here’s each of them:

Name Colors Price
 Brokers Hideout Blue/Green/White  $0.19
Cabaretti Courtyard Green/Red/White $0.20
Maestros Theater Black/Blue/Red $0.19
Obscura Storefront Black/Blue/White $0.27
Riveteers Overlook Black/Green/Red $0.22

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