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MTG lead designer supports a set themed around sentient food

Mark Rosewater says he would be “on board” with an MTG set that takes place on a “plane populated by anthropomorphic food”, if one is ever developed.

MTG lead designer Mark Rosewater supports MTG set with sentient food - the Adult Swim Aqua Teen Hunger Force characters (sentient meatball, milkshake, fries) by Adult Swim

Answering fan questions on his blog ‘Blogatog’, Magic the Gathering lead designer Mark Rosewater says that he would be “on board” with a “black-border top-down” designed MTG Set located on a “plane populated by anthropomorphic food”. User cornea3193 asked Rosewater’s opinion on Monday, prompting more daft discussions.

User this-already-exists-doesn’t-it suggests that “a sentient food plane is already there in the Un-iverse”, pointing to “The Cheese Stands Alone”. You won’t have seen that in play in Pioneer format – it’s a rare MTG card from Unglued, the first ever comedy MTG Set. Rosewater responds that “In the Un-iverse there are many sentient food planes”.

MTG Set with sentient food - The Cheese Stands Alone, a white MTG card from Unglued

Much of the rest of the discussion is just puns. User caitsith4 says “It would be good for the game. Every card would be flavorful and in pie”. Explaining a pun is the worst, but for the sake of any very casual MTG player who come to Wargamer mostly for our MTG Arena codes list, here’s what the joke is supposed to be: a card is “in pie” when its abilities match what its color is supposed to be good at (ie, that color’s ‘slice’ of the rules ‘pie’).

Speaking of puns, when user coboney asks “Would you want Bananas to be the villain?”, Rosewater replies with a groan inducing pun that we can already picture as the flavor text of a draft chaff common:

“Why are they attacking us?”
“They’re bananas!”

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A black-bordered sentient food set seems unlikely, but with the MTG Wilds of Eldraine release date approaching, we might see a reprint of Gingerbrute, the sentient Gingerbread man that featured in the emotionally devastating trailer for Throne of Eldraine.

MTG Secret Lairs and Universes Beyond leave the door open for team-ups with any company willing to license their brand. Secret Lair: Seth Rogan’s Sausage Party? Aqua Teen Hunger Force Commander decks? It’s more likely than you think.