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Fan-favorite character killed in upcoming MTG set

Teysa Karlov is going to be one of the Murders at Karlov Manor in the next MTG set, artwork has revealed - but will Orzhov's guildmaster stay down?

MTG set Murders at Karlov Manor art showing Teysa Karlov with a ghost

Fans have spotted a clue about upcoming MTG set Murders at Karlov Manor which tells us the identity of one of its victims. Teysa Karlov, current guildmaster of the Orzhov Syndicate, can be seen lying on the ground on the Collector Booster Box packaging, and it’s safe to assume she’s deceased.

We can only see one splayed-out arm in the image, but since the Murders at Karlov Manor stream yesterday showed us both this box, and a picture of Teysa wearing exactly the same outfit, this one seems like a closed case.

Of course, when considering who would be bumped off in Murders at Karlov Manor, Teysa Karlov was always a likely target: the deaths are apparently happening at her house after all. But now it’s confirmed.

The victim was identified by Reddit user Duramboros, who posted about it just a couple of hours after the First Look stream on December 5, which also showed us our first Karlov Manor cards. Of course, it’s possible that this is just a random Orzhov guildmember wearing an identical outfit to Teysa, but it seems highly unlikely.

MTG set Murders at Karlov Manor - the collector booster box

Teysa Karlov is a much-loved character from MTG Ravnica. Known for her political savvy and great fashion sense, she schemed her way to controlling the Orzhov Syndicate, aided by the MTG planeswalker Kaya.

She’s also a great MTG commander, and really popular. With an enormous 11,600 decks logged on EDHREC, the card Teysa Karlov ranks as the 29th most brewed commander of all time.

Based on the absolutely awesome art from this set, it looks like we’ll be getting at least one more Teysa card to enjoy. After that, who knows? Death isn’t exactly a permanent state for many Ravnican citizens, especially in the guild that’s usually led by ghosts.

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That does make us wonder how a murder mystery works when you can question the dead. Perhaps they’re all stealth takedowns, and no one got a good look at their killer?

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