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MTG Murders at Karlov Manor cards include demons and invisible ink

Wizards of the Coast has revealed the first Murders at Karlov Manor MTG cards, including the angel Aurelia, the demon Rakdos, and cards with hidden messages

Wizards of the Coast has shared our first look at MTG Murders at Karlov Manor, including two of the plane’s guildmasters, and a bunch of characters and cards at low rarities. There’s also some cool card treatments, which make creatures look like a detective’s dossier or covers them in invisible ink.

Murders at Karlov Manor won’t release until February 9, but Wizards has already show us a bunch of the MTG set’s cards. While the set is not about Ravnica’s guilds, it does seem to feature the guild masters.

The two guild leader cards we’ve been shown are Aurelia, The Law Above and Rakdos, Patron of Chaos. Both seem like they’re designed as MTG commanders, but while Rakdos is doing his Standard sacrifice shenanigans,  Aurelia gets you bonuses when everyone swings with a bunch of creatures. She’d work great with the Goad keyword.

Moving onto regular cards, and the first thing you’ll notice is the prevalence of the Investigate mechanic and Clue tokens. It was pretty obviously going to be included, but here’s the confirmation if you needed it. The set also brings back the Detective creature type that was just brought in with MTG Doctor Who.

There’s also a cute Scooby Doo reference (MTG Universes Beyond set incoming?) and a magnifying glass treatment that’s used for story spotlight cards. Apparently, this set will have a lot of those – befitting a twisty, turn-y detective story.

Speaking of pretty card treatments, check out the funky impossible lands, straight out of an Escher drawing. Then there’s the dossier treatment, which are confusing in terms of their color identity, but pretty stylish. And… well, we’ll let Wizards show you the next one.


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