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Fortnite battle bus and llamas are MTG Secret Lair cards now

The latest Fortnite MTG Secret Lair mini-set has finally revealed its card spoilers, including in-game icons like the Battle Bus and Supply Llama

MTG spoilers fortnite secret lair cards - Wizards promotional photo showing five of the Fortnite Secret Lair cards and the Secret Lair logo

Magic: The Gathering is releasing another Fortnite Secret Lair mini-set of special edition crossover cards in July – and publisher Wizards of the Coast has now revealed it’ll include MTG card versions of Fortnite in-game favourites like the Battle Bus, Supply Llama, and The Vault.

Shown off in an MTG spoilers article published on Wizards’ official site on Thursday, the newest Fortnite Secret Lair will have 12 cards: seven Fortnite-themed custom spell cards, and Fortnite-flavoured editions of the five full-art basic land cards (Plains, Island, Mountain, Swamp, and Forest). As standard for Secret Lair ‘drops’, the Fortnite mini-set will only be available to pre-order from the Secret Lair website within a narrow time window – in this case four days, from 9am PT on Thursday, July 21 to the same time on Monday, July 25.

It’ll cost you $29.99 / £29.99 for the standard, non-foil cards version, or $39.99 / £39.99 to get the shiny “traditional foil” cards. As with previous Secret Lair special edition cards, the spells function identically to existing in-game spells, but re-skinned with Fortnite-ified card names and artwork.

Battle Bus, for example, plays as the Artifact Vehicle card Smuggler’s Copter, and Supply Llama plays as the Artifact Creature Etherium Sculptor.

The five re-skinned Basic Lands revealed in Thursday’s preview, unsurprisingly, all depict recognisable locales from Fortnite’s playable Battle Royale maps.

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