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MTG Murders at Karlov Manor features Mole Gods and Clue Fish

Praise the Mole God! Head MTG designer Mark Rosewater has shared a list of teasers about Magic: The Gathering’s Murders at Karlov Manor.

MTG Murders at Karlov Manor Spoilers - Wizards of the Coast art of a Mole wearing a hooded green coat

Mark Rosewater has shared a list of tiny Murders at Karlov Manor spoilers ahead of the upcoming MTG set’s release. Rosewater’s personal blog post from January 8 reveals everything from card names to some truly strange creature types. The reveals are just snippets, but they raise some interesting questions – like who the hell is this Mole God, anyway?

Releasing on February 9, Murders at Karlov Manor is the first premier MTG set of the year. It’s got a spooky murder mystery feel, and we already know to expect demons and invisible ink, as well as a Professor Plum MTG card. Now, thanks to Rosewater’s “partial information”, we’ve got some sneaky hints at what else to expect.

Rosewater’s first reveals include a new enchantment subtype case, a white card that lets you play a subset off the top of your deck, and a card with four different hybrid symbols as part of its mana cost. It looks like two different keywords are making a comeback – one “a popular mechanic […] tweaked with a new name”, and the other “not printed in a premier set since 2008”.

Also included in Monday’s blog are a green Sorcery that you can have any number of in your MTG deck, as well as a creature that allows you an alternate non-mana cost for all your spells. Unsurprisingly, we’re getting Detective tokens (blue), and plenty of the standard creature types – goblins, humans, spirits MTG merfolk, spiders, dogs, bats – the list goes on.

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Rosewater shared ten snippets of rules text from upcoming cards, too. These range from a snappy “choose any number of target players” to the more wordy ““you may search your graveyard, hand, and/or library for a card named Magnifying Glass and/or a card named Thinking Cap and put them onto the battlefield.” Expect bloodstains, clues, and plenty of graveyard interaction.

Monday’s blog also lists ten upcoming creature types. Among them are an Ogre Cleric, Weird Detective, Clue Fish, Elf Crocodile Detective, and Mole God. The internet has really latched onto that last one – cries of praise for the Mole God have echoed across the internet, including in the comments of this Mole-based Twitter post from January 8.

Finally, Rosewater has shared some new card names. They’re all suitably mysterious. ‘Innocent Bystander’, ‘Airtight Alibi’, and ‘Scene of the Crime’ are among the detective-themed name tags.

You can see the full list of teasers in Rosewater’s blog post. For more on the latest Magic releases, here’s everything coming up in the MTG release schedule. Or, if you’re into digital trading card games, here’s the latest on MTG Arena codes and MTG Arena decks.