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MTG designer hints Myrs will make a comeback in 2023 set

Wizards of the Coast releases Phyrexia: All Will Be One in 2023, and a recent Mark Rosewater blog post hints we’ll find Myr Magic cards in the set

If a Mark Rosewater blog post from October 25 is anything to go by, the Myr creature type may be returning to MTG in its first set of 2023. The trading card game’s head designer dropped some pretty heavy hints in reply to a fan asking if Myrs would ever make a comeback. “So far Myrs have only appeared on New [Phyrexia] (formerly Mirrodin), so we’d probably have to go back there”, Rosewater said. “Who knows when that will happen?”

The answer is February 3, 2023. This is the MTG Phyrexia: All Will Be One release date – in other words, the exact day Magic’s storyline takes us back to the plane of New Phyrexia. Rosewater’s slightly tongue-in-cheek question seems like a pretty big indicator we’ll be meeting some Myrs when we arrive.

For those who need their memories jogged a bit, Myrs are metal automatons that were once widespread on Mirrodin. Lots of them were inactive by the time the Phyrexians began invading, but many of the remaining Myrs joined the metal monstrosities’ cause. We last saw a Myr Magic card in 2021’s Modern Horizons 2.

Rosewater shared another creature tease on October 25, but this one is less clear-cut. This time, the head designer turned his attention to Allies, creatures found in 2009’s Zendikar that united to achieve a common purpose.

MTG Myrs return teaser - Wizards of the Coast art of Karn surrounded by Phyrexians

“I do think we’ll see Allies again, even on non-Zendikar worlds”, said Rosewater. While Allies might rock up in All Will Be One, we think we’re more likely to see them later on in the MTG 2023 release schedule – perhaps fighting together in the Phyrexian storyline’s concluding set, March of the Machines.

You can find Rosewater’s responses to the original questions in his Myr blog post and Allies blog post.

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