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MTG fans can compleat their keyboards with Phyrexian letters

This Phyrexia All Will Be One keycap set gives MTG fans keyboards the compleation treatment - hopefully they won't turn on you and delete vital work

Magic The Gathering - Elesh norn holding a Phyrexian keyboard

Done your Phyrexian language homework? Then you might be interested in the latest Magic: The Gathering keycap set by Clackeys, which covers your keyboard in the metallic monsters’ spidery script. The company’s selling this set of 116 keycaps, made to tie in with the MTG set Phyrexia All Will Be One, for $125, and expects to deliver them in Q3 2023.

Fortunately, since the Phyrexian alphabet is not super easy to get to grips with (and you’d probably be better off learning a real language anyhow) the regular Latin letters appear alongside the Phyrexian characters. Weirdly, it seems that while the Phyrexian alphabet has far more letters than the Latin one, there’s no character in Phyrexian to represent the letter C.

The keycaps are created by graphic designer SpikedSynapse, who says the preorder should last until March 16. This Phyrexia All Will Be One set is far from the first MTG design by this creator – in the past they’ve made classic Magic keycaps, as well as a set for Kamigawa Neon Dynasty.

A fun touch is the way certain commands have been replaced with Phyrexian equivalents. For instance, backspace is now ‘obliterate’ and shift is compleat – which threw us at first, but it’s presumably because Compleation represents a transformation or major shift? We’re not sure why Enter has become Phyrexia though.

There are more keycaps in the set than keys on a traditional mechanical keyboard. That’s because there’s a range of six optional caps featuring famous Phyrexian faces that you could swap in wheresoever you please.

Alongside the $125 base kit, Clackeys is selling a $25 compatibility kit, which is far smaller, and keeps most letters the same – ensuring things remain readable.

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