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Post Malone’s prize draw for $100k MTG match postponed

The prize draw to choose a competitor for Post Malone's high stakes Magic: The Gathering match, with $100k up for grabs, has been postponed.

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Rapper Post Malone intended to choose a competitor for a high stakes game of Magic: The Gathering on Thursday, a lucky challenger who would be awarded a $100k cash prize if they could best him at his favourite TCG. The plan was to choose a competitor in a livestream giveaway last night on August 4, who would then be whisked off to a hotel in L.A, California for the meetup and showdown with Post Malone on August 11.

But after just a few minutes, that old spectre, technical issues, reared its ugly head. It appears Post Malone’s sponsor, giveaway and auction app Whatnot, couldn’t cope with the high numbers of interested fans who showed up to the livestream, and the prize drawing was postponed in short order.

Within 15 minutes of the Magic giveaway’s start time on August 4, 6pm PT, Whatnot reported technical troubles. “You all are insane! Due to the overwhelming interest, we’re experiencing some tech issues with Post Malone’s stream,” posted the company’s Twitter account. “We’re on it and will be back with you shortly!”

But by 6:35pm PT, it was clear things were not working out. “You guys broke the app,” tweeted the Whatnot account. “We’ll be rescheduling the Post Malone: Mana y Mana drawing for a future date. Stay tuned for more info.”

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According to one attending Redditor, aurelionlol, a smaller prize draw of a Double Masters box was completed before the app went down.

While the time and date of the rescheduling is yet to be confirmed, it’s possible it’ll be happening later today, since at 7pm, Post Malone tweeted out: “Sorry about that, we’ll be back tomorrow to pick the winner”.

It will have to be pretty soon, at any rate, since the match is scheduled to take place next week on August 11. Currently, we don’t know what format it’ll be – but we can pretty much guarantee the mega-expensive Black Lotus Posty has purchased will not be legal in it.

We also know you can only enter the giveaway if you’re in the US. According to the contest rules, the prize money will be awarded if “Post Malone determines in his discretion that the Winner has won the Game.” From the way that’s worded, it sounds like he could technically make up some sneaky house rules at the last second to fudge the result, though this does seem fairly unlikely.

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