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MTG Double Masters 2022 release date, cards, and more

Everything we know about Double Masters 2022, a compilation set stuffed full of reprints. Here's all the dates, cards, and information you need.

Magic The Gathering Double Masters 2022 release date the Eldrazi Titan Kozilek

Double Masters 2022 is a Magic: The Gathering set that released this Summer – it’s a compilation set, which means it doesn’t have new cards, but is full of old favourites that are still very much worth getting excited about. This guide will fill you in on the set’s release dates and all the information that’s been shown off about it so far.

The first Double Masters set came out in 2020, and Wizards of the Coast used it as a vehicle to reprint all kinds of classic, powerful cards that were reaching ludicrous prices.

Just like in the previous Double Masters set, the gimmick here is that each Double Masters 2022 pack has twice the number of rares or mythic rares as normal Magic packs. There’ll be two rares in every draft booster pack, instead of one, as well as two foil cards. Double Masters 2022 will be sold in collector booster and draft booster packs, and the set is designed to be drafted. The set is now officially out in the world, but here’s everything you need to know before rushing out to your local game store.

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Magic The Gathering Double Masters 2022 release date collector booster box

MTG Double Masters 2022 release date

The release date for Double Masters 2022 is July 8, and before that a lucky few were able to take part in pre-release events in participating WPN game stores, from July 1 – 7.

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Spoiler season got started a month earlier, in June, with card previews arriving in force from June 16. They came thick and fast, because they were all out of the way by June 24 – the entire Double Masters 2022 set being spoiled across just six days.

Magic The Gathering Double Masters 2022 release date cards Kozilek Butcher of Truth and Liliana the Last Hope

MTG Double Masters 2022 cards

Double Masters 2022 spoilers are here! The set contains 331 cards overall, and there are 80 borderless cards of varying rarity to collect.

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Here’s some of the most valuable Double Masters 2022 MTG spoilers from the set:

Even before spoiler season began, there were a smattering of card spoilers for Double Masters 2022. For example, we saw the infamous Kozilek, Butcher of Truth, and two planeswalkers: Liliana, the Last Hope, and Wrenn and Six.

The planeswalker character Aminatou featured heavily on marketing material for the set, alongside Liliana. As this planeswalker has only ever appeared on one card – Aminatou, the Fateshifter – and indeed it’s now confirmed that this one will be getting a reprint.

The set’s promo cards, which players could obtain by attending a pre-release event, were also spoiled pre-release. There are two of these (sticking with Double Masters’ doubling theme) – the cards Weathered Wayfarer and Bring to Light.

Magic The Gathering Double Masters 2022 release date cards Liliana the Last hope textured foil

MTG Double Masters 2022 features

As seems to be the habit these days, Double Masters 2022 features some unusual card treatments and art styles – the sort of thing you might mistake for a Secret Lair at first glance.

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In most MTG sets, Collector Boosters are marketed towards those looking to collect a set, and contain more rares than normal. But as the Draft Boosters in Double Masters 2022 already have multiple rares, it seems Wizards has found another way to make them stand out. They’re promised to be “filled to the brim with beautiful versions of iconic and incredible cards”.

We’ve already seen that there are borderless versions of many cards with alternate artwork, as well as a new foil-etched 3D look that we’ve already seen in Commander Legends Battle for Baldur’s Gate. There’s also a brand new treatment, ‘textured foil’, shown above on this very pretty copy of Liliana, the Last Hope.