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MTG Secret Lair drop has snakes, 90s glitter, and anime fashion

Magic: The Gathering has launched its Winter Superdrop for 2023, with seven new Secret Lairs all available to preorder for the next two months

MTG Secret Lair - four cards with unusual artwork

A new MTG Secret Lair drop for Winter 2023 is here! Wizards of the Coast has unveiled a grand total of seven Secret Lairs in the Winter Superdrop, all featuring unusual and funky art styles. These will be available for the next two months, from January 30 to March 26. Without further ado, let’s take you through them all.

First up is a 90s themed MTG Secret Lair that makes our eyes a bit sore just to look at. Fans of My Little Pony and Care Bears may gel with the ultra-colourful sugar and sweetness of the 90s Binder Experience. Right on the opposite end of the spectrum, we have Showcase: All Will Be One a Secret Lair that features some MTG Phyrexian creatures using a similar art style and foiling to the Ichor treatment in Phyrexia: All Will Be One.

Also following the compleation theme, Phyrexian Faves is a set of cards in Phyrexian language. Better bring a translator! Then there’s Ssssssnakessssss, a Ssssecret Lair with five slithering serpents, each one drawn by a different artist.

Three artists get their own showcase Secret Lairs. Secret Lair: Draw Your Hand shows off Tyler Day (or Rope Arrow’s) poster style on cards like Bruna and Counterbalance. These play with the usual format of a Magic card, putting different card elements in all kinds of interesting places.

Tsubonari’s City Styles drop meanwhile has awesome anime-style redesigns of legendary creatures like Teysa Karlov and Azusa, Lost but Seeking – featuring modern fashion like headphones or leather pants.

Finally, Arist Series: Sam Burley is more traditional in style, featuring five cards from the Jund MTG color combination. This artist has done a load of regular MTG work in the past, including the full art constellation lands from Theros Beyond Death.

These MTG Secret Lairs are all available to preorder in the Winter Superdrop right now and will be available for the next couple months, until the end of March. They’re priced at $39.99 for the regular versions and $49.99 for foils on the Secret Lair website.

If you love special art styles but nothing here quite floats your boat – have you heard of MTG proxies?